cruising ideas from First Nations this weekend near Pike Place.

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    Hi Gang, I found this on Facebook and could not think of another way to share it.  I have never been this far north (Village Island).  But this Gentleman, Thomas Sewid's,  offer is to come visit him to "share with you in regards to interesting places to go visit.".  Sound pretty cool.  

    1989 through to 2013 each summer I, Tom Sewid was the Native watchman conducting informative walking tours through the ancient Kwakwaka'wakw abandoned Indian village known as Mamalilacolla, Village of the Last Potlatch. Thousands of boaters have meet me at the site walking by the fallen totem poles, well now I come out of my bush world and on Saturday January 20th I will be demonstrating traditional carving in Seattle. Come see me at Northwest Tribal Art just up from Pike Place Market. As many know, I love sharing my rich Kwakwaka'wakw legends and stories, so if you want to know about that particular piece in your collection come see me. If you are planning on journeying to my lands of the war canoe, then you may want to come and discuss what I can share with you in regards to interesting places to go visit.

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    Saturday January 20th from 10:00 until 6:00 I will be painting and carving at Northwest Tribal art gallery just up from Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. Great time to come and purchase that carving, print or sculpture and have me share the legend about the piece.

    The owner and I have been working together to get his blank drums painted by me. Four will be on hand for sale. It's our plan for me to work on west coast Native art at store maybe full time? This is the 1st day of seeing if there's interest by people to hear the legend about the crest or crests on a piece of art they may want for their collections or gifts?

    Be nice to have your support, so drop by. This way owner see's that there's interest in being a gallery that has a real live Indian instead like a cigar store with a carved Indian to draw people in.

    If you're into Sasquatch/Bigfoot come on by and lets talk about the Big Fellas'. I am asking him to allow me in the future to put our Dzoonakwa costume in front window and have him purchase lots of Sasquatch related things. I know if he were to expand into t-shirts and stuffies depicting Native designed Sasquatch, the store would be a focal point for people wanting to know or purchase the Washington State cryptozoological creature in the west coast Native arts.

    This would be a great place for me to be working daily so that people can arrange for me to give them the Seattle Sasquatch Safari at a moments notice.

    So come on down to see me and lend me some support for making a Seattle Sasquatch/Bigfoot interesting store for everyone to enjoy year round instead of for just one day!

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