Clubspot Migration

Welcome to the third month of the Clubspot migration! Please use member login to register for events and races!

Beneath, under the headings ClubhouseRacing and Cruising , you'll find a list of activities. Some activities (racing in particular) are linked into the new site. But, we do have some old activities in the old site. If you end up on the old site, the event description will contain the Clubspot link if needed to register in the new site.

What do I need to do on the page? 

If you have already created your new login on Clubspot, congratulations and thanks for doing that. You are now able to register for different events, activities and other membership benefits.

If you are a current member and you have not logged in at Clubspot, what are you waiting for?!? Click the and get going! CYC invoices/statements are sent on the 27th of the each month. If you complete online registration and payment information, we don't need to send billing statement saving the club processing and time. Thanks!

Only use the "JOIN CYC SEATTLE HERE" if you are a new member (welcome, new members!).

If you have any problems, contact or just call 206 789 1919. The more problems we uncover, the better we advance the process. Thanks for helping us.

Why Don't I see the same list of dates and events on the Clubspot page as I see below? 

Activities below are a record of Clubhouse events that are scheduled or just have not been transferred over to the new system. Some events listed below don't require RSVP and some dates are for calendaring purposes to show the Clubhouse is engaged. You'll see "Placeholder" in front of events that are not open to the general public. We want to give a heads up that the CYC Clubhouse is booked on that day.

Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle
7755 Seaview Ave NW 
Seattle WA 98117
(206) 789-1919

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