Visitors: Reciprocal moorage rights at Shilshole are back open.  We will reimburse up to two boats per night. Click on "Reciprocity" above for more information and the form.

CYC Members: Please check with any yacht club before arrival regarding whether they are allowing guest moorage and / or reciprocal rights.

CYC organizes cruises that provide an opportunity for social weekend cruising, create an environment to exchange cruising knowledge, and provide opportunities for families to enjoy cruising. Cruises can always be added to the CYC calendar. Is there someplace you think it would be fun to visit with friends? Join us and organize and lead a cruise.  

A viewable and/or printable 2-page summary of 2021's planned cruises and trip leaders can be found [HERE]

Leading a cruise? If so, click here: cruise leader guidelines.pdf

On 2nd Thursday of each month, the cruising group hosts a cruising social. The CYC cruisers social is an opportunity for CYC members to connect with other CYC cruisers to share cruising knowledge. We often have a specific program focusing on cruising topics or an open forum of discussion. Currently we are meeting via Zoom which requires a registration to obtain the link. Post-COVID, we will resume meeting in the clubhouse for potlucks or brown bags.

To help organize cruises or receive additional information on CYC cruising events,  contact Chris McMuldroch, CYC Fleet Captain Cruise.

On-Water Cruising Events

    • 12 Jun 2021
    • (PDT)
    • 13 Jun 2021
    • (PDT)
    • Blakely Harbor and Blakely Rocks

    One of the biggest weekend low tides of the summer! Join fellow CYC cruisers for a trip to Blakely Harbor on Saturday and dinghy to Blakely Rocks on Sunday morning.  Search for intertidal creatures or look for rocks to avoid in the next race.  We ask that folks pack their own food and advise against sharing food (i.e. no potluck). 
    Enjoy lunch on the beach on an oasis in the middle of Puget Sound. 

    The Plan: Anchor individually or small rafts in Blakely Harbor Saturday night. On Sunday, explore the rocks at low tide. If you can't make it for the raft up on Saturday , then sail on over Sunday morning and anchor off the west side of the rocks in sandy bottom.

    Please register so we know to expect you.

    More details to come!

    Cruise Leader: Andy and Kate Bereson

    Andy Email here

    • 26 Jun 2021
    • (PDT)
    • 27 Jun 2021
    • (PDT)
    • Bremonton, WA

    UPDATE as of 6/1: The 12 slips at the marina reserved for the cruise are spoken for / assigned to currently registered boats.  It may be possible for individual boats to reserve an individual slip at the Port Orchard Marina if one is still available

    June 26-27- Port Orchard Cruise

    The plan for the weekend: rendezvous at Port Orchard Marina. Enjoy the Port Orchard - still waiting to hear about parade and street fair. There will not be a Bremerton fireworks display on the bridge this year. There are some interesting things to do in Bremerton - see notes below.

    As noted by Chris McMuldroch,

    "Jennifer and I are leading a weekend cruise to Port Orchard Marina the last weekend of June.  They visited in 2019, and enjoyed the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon there is an outdoor market in Port Orchard by the marina, and then a parade in downtown with school bands, car clubs, businesses, and organizations.  After dinner we took the little passenger ferry across to Bremerton where there were more fair booths set up.  Then we walked along towards the Manette Bridge until we found a place in a tiny park to watch the fireworks.  After dark they shoot off fireworks from the bridge and at one point the whole bridge has fireworks falling down like a waterfall into the water!  A unique show.  Following the show, we walked back to the Bremerton marina / ferry terminal to catch the foot ferry back to Bremerton.

    The Bremerton side has a couple of interesting attractions as well.  The destroyer Turner Joy is moored at the marina.  A tour of the ship is quite fascinating.  As I recall it last served in the Vietnam war.  Above the marina there is narrow park with water features including some that look like the conning tower of submarines rising out of the water!

    If some of the normal festive events get cancelled due to the pandemic, we could see if we have time to take a little side trip up Dyes Inlet to explore.  Two CYC cruisers have reported on their visits to the inlet in 2020, but I have never been in before. This year might be another year for shorter distances, more sailing, and local exploring!

    The reason to go to Port Orchard rather than Bremerton is because the downtown of Port Orchard seems more vibrant and interesting, and the marina is easier to dock at compared to Bremerton.  The Bremerton Marina is much newer, but there is a considerable current that sweeps through the marina at times, making docking a bit sporty."

    • 3 Jul 2021
    • (PDT)
    • 5 Jul 2021
    • (PDT)
    • Poulsbo - Liberty Bay raft up

    While there will be no official Poulsbo Fireworks display this year, there are lots of local shore side fireworks by private residents around Liberty Bay to enjoy.  Boats might raft in small groups or anchor near each other. Explore Liberty Bay by kayak, dinghy or SUP or ashore in the many shops in town, including the famous Longship Marine and Sluy's Bakery. More details of this cruise will be announced later.

    Cruise Leader: Cindy Gosset

    Email Cindy here

    • 28 Aug 2021
    • (PDT)
    • 29 Aug 2021
    • (PDT)
    • Port Ludlow Marina

    2021 Commodore Gibson Event Description 

    The Commodore Race/Cruise from Shilshole to Port Ludlow Marina and the Gibson Race/Cruise returning to Shilshole are two separate informal annual races.  There will be an overnight in Port Ludlow.  This is CYC member event only. So come mingle with your fellow members.  Reserve a slip at Port Ludlow by July 28 to assure a slip - 360-437-0513

    Cruiser? Try out a casual race.  

    Racer? Try out a social race/cruise.

    The Plan: 

    This is a weekend race/cruise with the Commodore Race from Shilshole to Port Ludlow on Saturday, an overnight at Port Ludlow, followed by the Gibson race is from Port Ludlow back to Shilshole on Sunday. Handicaps are applied by adjusting the start times for each boat.  If you do not have a PHRF rating for your boat, we will calculate one for you based on the design of your boat - see contact below.  Membership in PHRF is not required.  We have reserved the picnic shelter for evening activities. Do you play an instrument - it would be fun to bring it.

    SOCIAL DISTANCING NOTICE: Historically, this event has featured a Saturday evening party and potluck dinner at Port Ludlow, and a Sunday morning potluck breakfast.  It is to be determined what social activities will take place in Port Ludlow.  If any social activities are allowed by various authorities, it will be up to each individual to what extent they choose to participate or mingle with others. Recommended Covid protocol will be followed.

    MASKS: Please make sure that everyone has a face mask available.  Masks may be required for shore activities. All relevant Covid protocals will be implemented.

    Location: Puget Sound from Shilshole to Port Ludlow

    Schedule: All starts are based on handicap rating with the slowest boat starting first.  Starting schedule will be posted with Sailing Instructions.

    Time Limit:  1700 on Saturday and 1900 on Sunday.


    • Commodore Race (Saturday):  Start at Meadow Point Buoy (LL #16765) and finish at Foulweather Bluff Buoy (LL #16535). Course distance ~ 17.5 NM.

    • Gibson Race (Sunday):  Start at Foulweather Bluff Buoy and finish at Meadow Point Buoy. Course distance ~ 17.5 NM.

    NOTE: The start location may be advanced along the course to facilitate finishing. In addition, there will be one or two shorten course gates (determined by crossing a specified latitude) that can be used to score the race in the event that boats do not complete the entire course. 


    CYC has requested that Port Ludlow hold a block of slips for us for Saturday night.  However, that hold for CYC expires on July 28, a month before our August 28 overnight stay.  Each individual boat must contact Port Ludlow Marina 360-437-0513 and make a reservation specific to their boat, and give your credit card number to ensure you actually get a spot.  Be sure to tell them that you are with CYC so they can assign us slips in the same general area. 
    After July 28, our hold on slips goes away, and Port Ludlow will open reservations to anyone.  So it is highly recommended that you call Port Ludlow early to make sure you get a spot. You may contact the Port Ludlow Marina, 360-437-0513, to see if there are still space. The other option is to anchor.

    Registration: Free

    Your registration for individual races or series does not populate automatically. Registrations will be posted by race staff as individual regattas are published.

    Contact:  Al Johnson,

    • 4 Sep 2021
    • (PDT)
    • 6 Sep 2021
    • (PDT)
    • Gig Harbor - Arabella's Landing or Anchor

    Labor Day Gig Harbor Cruise  -  anchor out on Saturday for a fun destination with a chance to explore Gig Harbor.  

    Sunday - Anchor at Dockton and to hike the Dockton Forest with views of Dalco Passage and Mount Rainier.

    More to follow

    Cruise Leader: Available

    • 9 Oct 2021
    • (PDT)
    • 10 Oct 2021
    • (PDT)
    • Eagle Harbor - Bainbridge Island Public Dock

    Oct 9-10 Cruise to Eagle Harbor (public dock) for our Fiesta Cruise.

    The Plan: We have some dock space reserved at the Bainbridge Island Waterfront Park Public Dock at Eagle Harbor ( Vessel Traffic and Anchoring Map) starting at 11 am Saturday - Sunday 1pm. Each boat will be responsible for paying their own moorage (.50/ft) and sharing a portion of the reservation fee which is $50 this year. Rafting at the dock is allowed by the City of Bainbridge. Plan to raft with fellow CYC members.

    We plan to dine out at a local restaurant if the Covid conditions allow this activity. Look forward to seeing you for a truly memorable fall cruise. More info will follow on this.

    Organizer: Jack Connick and Denise Kitchel
    EMail Jack here

    • 6 Nov 2021
    • (PDT)
    • 7 Nov 2021
    • (PDT)
    • Poulsbo - Port of Poulsbo Marina

    Not exactly Scandinavian but fun? Cook up your best chili, vote for your favorite, see who wins. We take over the party room at Poulsbo marina and have a good time. Fun for the family.

    The Plan:

    Explore Poulsbo in the afternoon - visit local breweries if desired.
    Bring your favorite homemade chili and a potluck item to share with the group. We will vote for best chili.  We will set up in the mulitipurpose room at the Poulsbo marina at about 5:30. Bring your favorite game also.  Don't forget to bring your own eating utensils and plates.

    Please register so that we know you will be there.

    Organizer : Bret and Joyce Phillips -

    Email Bret here

    • 4 Dec 2021
    • (PST)
    • Ferry ride to Kingston

    No Boat? No problem.
    This is an evening event to Kingston via WA state ferry.
    Join us for the Christmas Tree lighting and holiday lights in the Kingston Harbor area - see the park light up with scenes and outdoor holiday performances.  We will walk onto the ferry in the afternoon and take in the lighting of the Christmas tree and the marina then warm up at a dinner spot in Kingston.

    Please register so that we know you will be there.  More details to follow.

    Organizer : Margaret Pommert

Cruising Volunteers Needed

CYC Cruising is in need of volunteers to help with some of the the many parts of maintaining an active, thriving cruising community at CYC. Current opportunities include the organization of new cruises and updating reciprocal guest moorage information.

To volunteer, propose cruising ideas, or ask questions, please contact Chris McMuldroch, CYC Fleet Captain Cruise.

Chris McMuldroch

Contact Chris

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