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Commodore Gibson Race/Cruise to Port Ludlow

  • 28 Aug 2021
  • 29 Aug 2021
  • Port Ludlow Marina


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2021 Commodore Gibson Event Description 

The Commodore Race/Cruise from Shilshole to Port Ludlow Marina and the Gibson Race/Cruise returning to Shilshole are two separate informal annual races.  There will be an overnight in Port Ludlow.  This is CYC member event only. So come mingle with your fellow members.  Reserve a slip at Port Ludlow by July 28 to assure a slip - 360-437-0513

Cruiser? Try out a casual race.  

Racer? Try out a social race/cruise.

The Plan: 

This is a weekend race/cruise with the Commodore Race from Shilshole to Port Ludlow on Saturday, an overnight at Port Ludlow, followed by the Gibson race is from Port Ludlow back to Shilshole on Sunday. Handicaps are applied by adjusting the start times for each boat.  If you do not have a PHRF rating for your boat, we will calculate one for you based on the design of your boat - see contact below.  Membership in PHRF is not required.  We have reserved the picnic shelter for evening activities. Do you play an instrument - it would be fun to bring it.

SOCIAL DISTANCING NOTICE: Historically, this event has featured a Saturday evening party and potluck dinner at Port Ludlow, and a Sunday morning potluck breakfast.  It is to be determined what social activities will take place in Port Ludlow.  If any social activities are allowed by various authorities, it will be up to each individual to what extent they choose to participate or mingle with others. Recommended Covid protocol will be followed.

MASKS: Please make sure that everyone has a face mask available.  Masks may be required for shore activities. All relevant Covid protocals will be implemented.

Location: Puget Sound from Shilshole to Port Ludlow

Schedule: All starts are based on handicap rating with the slowest boat starting first.  Starting schedule will be posted with Sailing Instructions.

Time Limit:  1700 on Saturday and 1900 on Sunday.


  • Commodore Race (Saturday):  Start at Meadow Point Buoy (LL #16765) and finish at Foulweather Bluff Buoy (LL #16535). Course distance ~ 17.5 NM.

  • Gibson Race (Sunday):  Start at Foulweather Bluff Buoy and finish at Meadow Point Buoy. Course distance ~ 17.5 NM.

NOTE: The start location may be advanced along the course to facilitate finishing. In addition, there will be one or two shorten course gates (determined by crossing a specified latitude) that can be used to score the race in the event that boats do not complete the entire course. 


CYC has requested that Port Ludlow hold a block of slips for us for Saturday night.  However, that hold for CYC expires on July 28, a month before our August 28 overnight stay.  Each individual boat must contact Port Ludlow Marina 360-437-0513 and make a reservation specific to their boat, and give your credit card number to ensure you actually get a spot.  Be sure to tell them that you are with CYC so they can assign us slips in the same general area. 
After July 28, our hold on slips goes away, and Port Ludlow will open reservations to anyone.  So it is highly recommended that you call Port Ludlow early to make sure you get a spot. You may contact the Port Ludlow Marina, 360-437-0513, to see if there are still space. The other option is to anchor.

Registration: Free

Your registration for individual races or series does not populate automatically. Registrations will be posted by race staff as individual regattas are published.

Contact:  Al Johnson, ajohnson1101@gmail.com

Thank you, Business Members!

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