CYC History Quiz # 2: Bill Buchan

27 Jul 2022 10:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Questions - July 27, 2022, Telltale

  1. Who is pictured on this Helmsman Cover
  2. What is the trophy on the cover?
For tiebreakers:
  • What is the year?
  • Finally, what is unique about this Helmsman cover?
A Free Drink to Larry and Carol Mast for their response.


    1. Bill Buchan is on the 1955 Helmsman cover.  The trophy pictured is the Mallory Cup, given to the winner of the Men’s North American Sailing Championship (now titled the Adult Sailing Championship) and features representatives from the eight US Regional Sailing Associations.  Bill sailed with his father, William Buchan, and Ron McFarlane, representing the PIYA (and CYC).  In the regatta, sailed on Lake St. Claire, just out of Detroit, Michigan, they won 3 of the 8 races (and had two 2nds, a 4th and a 5th), winning by an amazing 5 ½ points over some of the best sailors in America.  The competition began in 1952, and transitioned to an open event in 1993.  This was the only northwest crew to win this trophy until 1986 when Jack Christiansen, Charlie McKee and Cheryl Lanzinger won, followed in 1998 by Dalton Bergan, Kevin Guitron and Mike Visser.
    2. The Mallory Cup is a magnificent sterling silver tureen originally given by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire to the family of Lord Nelson in appreciation of his command over the English fleet that defeated Napoleon in the Battle of the Nile in 1798.
    3. The 1955 Helmsman cover is unique as it is the only cover to feature a separate photo of a CYC member (all other covers only feature boats).  The cover is also interesting as it features a Star, a boat obviously associated with the Buchans – Bill’s very enjoyable memoir is titled “Star Fever” - but the 1955 Mallory Cup was sailed in Luders 16’s.

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