Blakely Rock Trip Report

16 Jun 2021 10:36 AM | Anonymous member

Low-tide Cruise to Blakely Rock - by Andy Bereson

The weather was not promising. Nonetheless, 8 CYC boats braved the conditions and, with a little flexibility, were rewarded with great company, good food, and a beautiful day on “the Rock”.

Second Sun and Anakeena arrived in Blakely Harbor on Friday evening around six pm. Second Sun set her anchor and Anakeena came alongside. The rain held off and this was a great opportunity for Kate and I to make new friends with Bill and Debbie tied alongside. In the morning, we were joined by Island Mist (Tom and Cary) and Solstice (Peg and Ron) who each dropped anchors in opposite directions and joined the growing raft.

Noting the fabulously clear weather and aware of a forecast for solid rain on Sunday the group decided to adjust plans (according to Andy and Kate of Second Sun, “Plan” is a four letter word) and head to Blakely Rock for the low tide on Saturday, instead of the planned visit and pot-luck Sunday. We blasted out emails and text messages to other boats planning to join us to alert them to the change in plans. At around 1130 we all hopped in our tenders and headed out to the rock. On our way out, we passed Wind Dancer (Chris and Jennifer) coming in to the harbor and suggested to Chris that he come anchor by Blakely Rock and join us there, which he did.

On Blakely Rock, Andy and Kate set out a large canopy for shade and the crew spent a couple hours tide-pooling and hanging out in the shade. Among all the usual goodies we found the head of a large salmon, a headless baby seal and a dead octopus. We also found endless sea stars, sea cucumbers, crabs, anemones, and countless other sea creatures. There were some oyster catchers who seemed to be protecting a nest next to the light tower.

Shortly after we arrived on the rock we saw Mara (Mara, Gregg and Griffin) and Tula (Bob and Margeret) enter the harbor. A short while later, they were joining us out on the Rock. When our two little ones, Nat (10) and Anna (7) saw that the new arrivals included another small person, Griffin (8), the fun went up a few notches. Also joining us on the island was a little speedboat that came for the day with Debbie’s (of Anakeena) two brothers and sister-in-law.

When the water started to overtake the beach we folded the canopy and headed back to the raft where we were soon joined by Outlaw (Derek and Cindy). The balance of the afternoon was spent socializing in the various cockpits and enjoying an extended happy hour.

Sunday morning was rainy. Outlaw, Mara and Tula departed late morning. After they took off the rain gave a pause and the remaining crew gathered on Island Mist for a pot-luck brunch. First Wind Dancer and then Second Sun departed after brunch. The rain came again, slowly at first, and then picking up as we motored the windless sound back to Shilshole. Though the sunshine was of the damp sort much of the weekend, the sunny day on Blakely Rock and all the great company made the weekend cruise most delightful.

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