Clubhouse Rentals

Corinthian Yacht Club offers its facilities at Shilshole for private events such as celebrations, luncheons, and business meetings. Our staff are delighted to discuss the possibilities for your next event. For information on hosting events at CYC Seattle, including rates and other logistics, please see our rental agreement and information form:

CYC Rental Agreement 2022.pdf

To start planning your rental, contact the office at or 206-789-1919.

Rentals At-A-Glance

Rental prices are hourly and vary for guest, members and which day of the week you'd like. 
CYC members in good standing receive the lowest prices! See the rental agreement above for standard pricing.


  • Upper room, seated: about 80
  • Upper room, standing cocktail-style with limited seating: about 150 - at that point it will feel a little crowded but not too much - it will feel like a good party!

Tables and Chairs

  • 90 chairs
  • 4 rectangular tables - 8 feet by 3 feet

  • 8 rectangular tables - 6 feet by 3 feet

  • 4 round tables, standing height - 3 feet diameter

  • 4 round tables, sitting height - 4 feet diameter

Audio/Visual Equipment 

  • PA sound system - 2 speakers with stands, 1 microphone with cable, 1 cable to play music from a phone or laptop
  • Flat-screen TV and HDMI cable to connect a laptop
  • Projector with HDMI cable, 2 projector screens

You can use any caterer you like, or no caterer. You can use the CYC kitchen on our lower floor - if you do use the kitchen and/or CYC kitchen tools, at the end of the event the kitchen must be cleaned and any CYC kitchen tools must be hand washed and run through the sanitizer. There is an extra charge to use the kitchen.

The main event space and bar on the upper floor is wheelchair accessible via a ramp from shore. There are wheelchair-accessible marina bathrooms 200 feet from the clubhouse near the V Dock sign, and renters are given a fob that grants access to those restrooms.

Clubhouse restrooms are located on the lower floor, down a flight of stairs, are not wheelchair accessible. There is a back door on the lower floor, but there are three steps up from the dock to that back door.

Event Insurance
You will need event insurance - there are two ways you can get it:

A. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you can call your insurance company and get an event insurance policy that matches our requirements. (Your insurance may vary.)

B. You can buy event insurance here: Follow the requirements in CYC’s rental agreement and easily purchase the policy online. We’ve done some simulations based on common CYC rentals and we estimate that insurance will cost roughly $90-150 depending on the number of attendees.

Beverage Service
Beverage service is an optional charge of $2 per person (our bartender will track the number of people).
Beverage service includes:

  • Compostable plastic drink cups - 9 ounces (wine), 12 ounces (cocktails), and 16 ounces (pints - beer)
  • Ice from our ice machine
  • Drinks from our soda gun - tonic, club soda, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Sierra Mist

Any other beverage items, and all alcohol, must be provided by the renter. If you do not choose beverage service, you will need to provide your own cups, ice, and mixer.

Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle
7755 Seaview Ave NW 
Seattle WA 98117
(206) 789-1919 

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