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  • 5 Jul 2018 8:17 PM
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    Hello cruisers!  Summer on the water is turning out to be beautiful.  We had 12 people aboard for the July 3rd potluck in Poulsbo.  Thank you Jenny from "Those Guys" for organizing our raft up.  I noticed there were other CYC rafts, and individual boats around Liberty Bay.
    Saturday Wind Dancer departs for three weeks in the Islands!  We will raft up with Chris on Raven at Skull Island on Monday afternoon.  On the 11th we will cross over to BC at Bedwell.  We will meet up with Al and Jane on Charlotte at Telegraph Harbour Marina on Wednesday the 18th.  From the 20th through the 24th Wind Dancer will be in the big city marina in Nanaimo.  Friday the 27 we will be back in Roche Harbor to see the sunset ceremony, "Colors".  
    So if you are in the islands the next three weeks, look for cream colored Wind Dancer with a red kayak on deck, and towing a grey dinghy.
    Enjoy the water!

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  • 17 Apr 2018 11:34 AM
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    Here is a date to mark on your calendars:

    July 9th 2018 Noon through July 10th Noon

    Location: Anchor and raft up at Skull Island, West Sound, Orcas Island (location subject to change based on input from participants pre-cruise).  Skull Island is fun.   It can be circumnavigated in a kayakor dinghy.  It is a small park with dinghy access to the shore.  There is anchorage on either the Port or Starboard as you approach the island from the South.  A perfect place to meet up and share a summer gam!  Wind Dancer will then continue moving North through the islands if you would like to meet up more.  Let me know if you will be in the islands in July!

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  • 11 Apr 2018 4:39 PM
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    Chris - these are great ideas.

    I hope you can get some momentum going on this cruise north to the islands idea with CYC. 


  • 14 Mar 2018 12:19 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    Our CYC cruise schedule shows a TBD summer rendezvous in July, and I volunteered to “lead” it.  I prefer to think of it as leading the idea and the conversation.

    I expect everyone will be working around their own scheduling constraints for their summer boating vacation.  So there will probably be boats leaving Seattle and returning at various times all summer.

    But maybe with a bit of conversation we will see some schedule synergy, and some compatible rendezvous.

    How about if we use this forum to describe our summer vacation cruise plans to each other as they take shape?  Then if we see friends are going to be in the same vicinity we can arrange a rendezvous, at a marina or raft-up for a night.  I think in the old days square riggers would stop in mid ocean and share a “gam”:

    Definition of gam. 1 : a visit or friendly conversation at sea or ashore especially between whalers. 2 : a school of whales

    So here we go, if you have any dates for your cruise, or likely stops, go ahead and share!  Maybe we can meet up!  If you have cruising suggestions – share them too!

    Wind Dancer:  We intend to start cruising North from Seattle the weekend after the July 3 and 4th rendezvous.  We haven't made a specific pla beyond that, but often go up through Saratoga Passage, anchoring off Hope Island park for a night, before exiting Deception Pass for Spencer Spit park.  We might spend a night in Friday Harbor for ice cream and groceries. We like Stewart Island and the walk to Turn Point light house by way of the treasure chest at the school.  A San Juans trip can be done in 3 days or a nice week.

    On the way home we like to stop at Sidney Port, and check back in to the US at Roche Harbor for the sunset ceremony.  I think I first saw the ceremony in 1962 on the way to the Seattle World’s Fair.

    Continuing into the Gulf Islands we usually check in at Bedwell / Poets Cove and stay the night, maybe enjoy the pool, or go for a hike in Beaumont Park, or along the country roads.

    About then our plans get fuzzier.  We could go to Winter Cove, or the new Port Browning marina.  Or we could stop by Otter Bay marina on South Pender.  They have a pool, and a piano player in the afternoons.

    Glenthorne Passage is an old favorite.  (There is no shore access.) The town of Ganges on Saltspring Island is a bustling fun place, and good grocery stop.  If we go to Montague, there are two nice sandy beaches to walk, and the ride on the funky singing bus to the Humming Bird for dinner.  I don’t know if the floating bakery is still in the harbour.  ( Have to use the correct spelling for Harbor when in B.C.!)

    Ladysmith, Pirates Cove, and Silva Bay are some good stops before Nanaimo.  A Gulf Islands cruise makes a nice 2 week vacation.

    Nanaimo and Newcastle Island park could be as far North as Wind Dancer gets this year, if we take our time.  However, the next hop, still doable in a 2 week cruise, is to cross the Strait of Georgia to the Sunshine Coast.  There we like stops at Smugglers Cove, Secret Cove, Pender Harbour, Nelson Island, Green Bay, Harmony Islands, Egmont, and even the long day motor up to Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatter Box Falls.  One time we crossed the Strait into Vancouver, under the Lions Gate Bridge, and way up Indian Arm to the waterfall.  False Creek and the Granville Island marina and market is a busy fun place in downtown Vancouver.

    If we kept a moving most days we could cruise to Desolation Sound, and back in three weeks.

    Just to dream a bit further in the future, we are thinking of two options for 2019 The Broughtons North of Desolation Sound, or Barkley and Clayoquot Sounds on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  ( I think Ron and Peggy have done both these cruises recently.)  Someday there could be a circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.  The Van Isle 360 can sail that in 2 weeks.  I don’t think I would do it that fast!

    Reply with your comments and ideas!


    Wind Dancer

  • 10 Mar 2018 12:54 PM
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    HI, All.  There has been some talk of meeting up in the islands this summer. We have a cruise organizer for a July rendevouz - Chris McMuldroch. He wants to begin a discussion perhaps on this forum if you can access it.

    We will be returning from cruising north to Alaska by mid August sometime and should be in the Canadian islands by then - maybe late August.

    If you have summer cruise plans and want to post here then maybe as a group we can come up with a few meet up places in the islands this summer.

    Happy Sailing and hope to see you on a CYC cruise this year.

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