• 25 Sep 2020 8:26 PM | Anonymous member

    Apologies folks in our zeal to get as many of you sailing as possible we overstepped our bounds and exceeded the Governor’s guidelines of limiting gatherings to “5” as we have all season. Thankfully for Matthew & I we had a few Board Members hold us accountable. We are amending our crew limit guidance for PSSC to follow the UK + 2 model (as previously stated) with the change being a total crew limit of 5. Simply put, it's an evolution of our existing guidelines while increasing safety for our members and crew. We are committed to being fully compliant with Washington State Phase Two guidelines and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused skippers and crew. We’ll of course honor any refunds. That all said I look forward to seeing and competing with many of you out on the water during PSSC.

    Best – Commodore Barnes


    Boats  0-29.9  LOA  4 crew  ( including skipper )

    Boats  30-40   LOA  5 crew  ( including skipper )

    Boats  40-49   LOA  5 crew  ( including skipper )

    Boats  50-59   LOA  5 crew  ( including skipper )

  • 14 Sep 2020 3:24 PM | Anonymous member

    When: Sept 20th 11:00am - 2:00pm  racing (all classes invited) +live stream webcast

    The Adventuress Cup, A Race for the Salish Sea blends traditional sailboat racing with the latest drone and virtual production technology to be experienced in-person or virtually. The inclusive event involves a boat parade, sailboat race and the opportunity for everyone to tune-in and watch the action live. More information and a link to the live feed can be found

    Please note, while this event is set up to help raise money and awareness of Adventuress and her programs, the Heart of CYC campaign is still in full swing, and we realize many of you may have already given to your fullest potential.  The most important thing is we show support, but tuning in or coming out to join the race.  The more participation we have, the better!

    Like many youth-serving nonprofits, Covid-19 has hit Sound Experience especially hard. Says Executive Director Catherine Collins, “We’ve lost one hundred percent of our revenue this year.” According to Collins, “We are still here thanks entirely to the generosity of those who believe in the power of Adventuress to change kids’ lives.” The ship’s programs focus on maritime skills, environmental stewardship, resilience, and connection to each other and the natural world.

    With support from 30 local business sponsors - a number of which are maritime-related including CYC, Glosten, Blue North, and Fisheries Supply – a brand new on-the-water and virtual event will take place on September 20th in Shilshole Bay. The event replaces the organization’s fall gala which in recent years has raised more than $150,000 to provide critical support for youth education aboard Adventuress, including its popular Girls at the Helm program.

    Rusty Lhamon, CYC Member, Sound Experience Board Member and Race Chair, says, “During a year in which COVID-19 has changed all of our paradigms, we are creating an event with both real and virtual components that will be exciting and meaningful to all participants, those who sail in person and all who tune in online.”  The public is invited to watch the festivities and racing beginning at 12:30PM on Sunday, September 20th at or on Facebook. The production will be hosted by local news personality Stephen Kilbreath and aims to raise critical funds for Sound Experience, and will include live race coverage, stories from participating boats and inspiration from decades of Adventuress’ life-changing programs.  All activities will follow safety guidelines and procedures from the CDC, USCG, and WA State Department of Health and will not include land-based events. All participating boats must meet safety and other requirements outlined in the official Notice of Race which will be posted on the event website.

    To learn more and to sign up for pre-registration information,

    Sound Experience owns and operates Adventuress to serve the education needs of young people in Washington State and she is Puget Sound’s official Environmental Tall ship. Serving youth throughout the region from schools, community partners and the public, Adventuress sails “not for one, but for all.”  To learn more about the mission of Sound Experience, or call 360-379-0438.

  • 27 Aug 2020 10:07 AM | Anonymous member


    CYC's annual Commodore and Gibson race/cruise to Port Ludlow took place on August, 15, with the follow on Gibson race back to Shilshole the next day.  Twelve CYC boats participated in at least one of the race.

    It was a pursuit race with the slowest handicap boat starting first, and subsequent boats starting behind by the amount of time they owe the first starter.   Since you get your entire handicap time on the front end, the fast boats are catching up to the early starters through the entire race. So in theory, every boat would arrive at the finish line at the same time.

    The fleet was an extremely varied one.  At one end of the racer/cruiser spectrum was Rob Hodge's 1960 vintage wooden Lightening that he has turned into a pocket cruiser with a micro cabin and a bowsprit for an asymmetric.  And a very different place was occupied by Andrew Bereson and family on their 20 ton full keel cruiser.  And in between were racer/cruisers of assorted characteristics and dimensions.

    Saturday featured a 15+ knot northerly beat to Foulweather Bluff with sunny shies and 80 degree temperatures. It just doesn't get better than this!  After a slalom racer racer start through all the fishing boats at Meadow Point, everyone sailed north against a building flood tide.  Many of the faster boats caught up with the early starters near Point No Point in the middle of more fishing boats.  By the end of the race, Jenny Heins and Time Huse on Those Guys proved to everyone what a great upwind boat a J35 is in a breeze,  There were a full 12 minutes in from of the next finisher, Jane and Al Johnson on Charlotte.  The remaining finishers were Cindy Gossett and Derek Storm on Outlaw, Suzette Connolly and Paul Baker on Altair, Jim Medley and family on Puffin, Karen and David Barnes on Gratitude, Jennifer Lathrop and Chris McMuldroch on Wind Dancer, Jennifer Olegario and David Sinson on Aquavit, and Rob Hodge and his son John on Lady Jane.  Monica and Robinson Howell started the race but ultimately motored the rest of the way.

    Even though the covid19 virus shut down most of the weekend's social activities, most participants still managed a dockside or cockpit dinner with at least 6 feet between folks and good conversation.

    Sunday's return race to Shilshole (the Gibson race) ha d a slightly different cast of characters.  Puffin continued north to the San Juans, but Second Sun was returning from the San Juans on Saturday, and joined the race south on Sunday.  Sunday turned out to be the hottest day in many years of Seattle weather history with a high of 98 degrees.  And unfortunately, Saturday's glorious breeze was replace by alternating flat calm and temporary trickles of breeze,  Several of the smarter skippers looked at the weather and opted to just motor home.  Those that didn't show such good judgment moved the Sunday start from Foulweather Bluff to Point Not Point to attempt a start there.  There was enough breeze for the first few boats to get away, but later boats had progressively less breeze and watched the early starters slowly disappear over the horizon.

    The early starter that totally got it right was Andy and Kate Bereson's Second Son, a 20 ton full keel cruiser that you generally wouldn't pick to win a light air battle.  They worked their way into an easterly that no one else found and simply sailed away from everyone.   Between a favorable flood time on Sunday, and the fact that the sailing instructions has allowed for a "shorten course" finish line at latitude 47 degrees 48.90 minutes (Apple Cove Point), they were the only boat to reach that latitude before the Sunday time limit, so they were the winners of the Gibson race.

    So this year's Commodore Gibson goes to show that CYC is a club that can work for all sorts of boats, and everyone can have a great time.  Hope to see lots of folks at next year's Commodore and Gibson in a non-covid 19 world.   

  • 19 Aug 2020 10:03 AM | Anonymous member

      Racing a J-24 double handed has taught me new multitasking tricks and added countless steps for me as I traverse back and forth from the foredeck to the winches. Important to acknowledge that I really miss my crewmates, and often don’t make it out myself to share in the limited opportunities to race with reduced crew. I know the big boats are suffering through this the most and I’m looking forward to the health crisis passing and seeing everyone out there on the water just as soon as feasible.

    With all of your ongoing support we are embarking on much needed servicing of our steel barge and refreshing of the clubhouse, it’s amazing to Keith, Noel, Steve, and Stuart to name a few volunteers taking this project on what appears to be nearly a full time job. My respect and appreciation runs deep to all of you. Seeing everyone in the clubhouse when we’re all vaccinated will be something that will take on extra importance to me personally after all the hard work and isolation we’ve all put in this year. Our ability to host limited racing and camps is a testament to our commitment to our mission while working within the safety guidelines so critical we follow for society at large. I am also grateful to the Board, our Business Manager Cindy, and to countless volunteers who have put in countless hours, hard work and creative solutions to rework budgets and programs to keep our limited operations functioning and maintain our club finances in a healthy state.  

    I take great pride in being the club’s Commodore and to be associated with such a great group of people and sailors. As always I look forward to chatting with each of you as opportunities present themselves, flying your burgee helps! 

    Best ,

  • 11 Aug 2020 3:25 PM | Anonymous member

    When 2020 began, CYC planned on publishing a Helmsman, the yearbook for the Club, early in the year.  Not only has it been since 2017 that CYC last published a Helmsman, this was to honor the Club’s 75th year, and an opportunity to produce a written record of the Club’s amazing history.

    Little did we know that indeed 2020 would be a historic year for CYC (and others), just not in any way we could envision!

    We hope circumstances will permit the Helmsman to be published, although it is yet to be determined whether in printed form or virtually and available through the Members Only Area of the CYC website. We will make a decision on the format in the best interests of CYC at some time in the future.

    While a Helmsman contains much information, perhaps the most significant aspect of the it is the Directory of Members –the one place where we obtain an overview of all the Club’s members and their sailboats - all the information that makes CYC a true member’s sailing club. In order to prepare for a 2020 CYC Helmsman, in whatever format, an accurate Directory of Members is essential.

    Since the 2017 Helmsman was published, no doubt there have been changes in some Members’ information, as well as in the information provided by the many new members who have joined CYC since then.  We are also aware that there were inadvertent changes to some data when the Club adopted the current Wild Apricot software.  

    The most efficient way to be certain that CYC has the correct information about yourself and your family is to check your information in the Member’s Only Area on the CYC website.  To do this, go to “” and then Log in to the Member’s Only Area.

     Once you are in the Member’s Only Area, you will see your name in blue type in the top right-hand corner – adjacent to “Change Password” and “Log Out.”

    Click on your name – that will take you to “My Profile” – first look under “Bundle Summary” to see if each of your family members is listed.  If not, you can select “Add member” and include the information about each missing family member.  Children born in 2001 and more recently should be included as they are members under our “Family Member” policy. 

    Then be certain to go back and select “Edit Profile” and then review the information there about you.  This includes contact information, your profession (if you wish), Club interests and the sailboats, if any, that you own (in whole or in part).  And repeat for each member of your family.

    Information commonly missed includes birth year of each individual associated with your membership (CYC does not publish birth years but that information is important so CYC can include each person in the appropriate dues category, which are age-based).   We also have found some incorrect information about when members, including family members, joined CYC, often from the Wild Apricot adoption.   

    On a separate note, at the end of this message, I have attached the list of names of members who have died since the publication of the 2017 Helmsman that we are aware of. The list includes former members as well as individuals who were members at the time of their deaths. If you know of anyone whom we have not so listed, please let us know.

    Although we are not aware of any abuse of the personal information contained in any edition of the Helmsman published since 1945, if you wish some of your information not to be published, please let us know of that information.


    Please contact me if you have any questions at


    Thank you.  Kenneth Johnson



             In Memoriam


    2020:         Carol A. Trusk

    Douglas M. Fryer

                        Janet Barker Footh

                        Stanley Vint Butchart Jr.

    Sandy Pratt

                        John G. Fenton


    2019:        Arnold J. Amenda

                        Frank E. Francisco

                        Kenneth R. “Ken” Tucker, MD, Staff Commodore

                        Charles R. “Chuck” Hurter

                        Joan C. Stewart

                        Wayne Berge

                        Renate “Red” McVittie


    2018:        Joanne R. Tucker

                        Richard J. Jablonski

                        Martin A. “Marty” Godsil

                        Doris Ellis

                        Thomas C. “Tom” Nylund, Honorary Life Member

                        Elaine P. Lootens


    2017:        William M. “Bill” Black

                        Robert Maclean

                        George Trusk, Staff Commodore and Honorary Life Member

                        Carl Rystrom

                        Captain Thomas A. Temple

  • 6 Jul 2020 3:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    CYC Seattle is restarting our 2020 Lake and Sound racing programs on Tuesday, July 7th. The intent is to stage safe, responsible and enjoyable races, while staying compliant with State and County regulations and recommendations.

    Consistent with the RRS, boat owners and crews participate voluntarily and at their own risk. The club will endeavor to provide a safe racing environment for everyone.

    The following are the criteria the Summer Series on both the Lake and Sound will operate under.

    1. The club requires ALL participating skippers to review, sign and return a US Sailing-sanctioned liability and release waiver the to the club office in a timely fashion, but no later than the completion of the Summer Series (download waiver).
    2.  ALL skippers are required to maintain an accurate Contact List, which can be made available to the RC upon request. This is a CRITICAL component of maintaining our Contact Tracing compliance.
    3. Appropriate social distancing and mask compliance is the responsibility of all skippers and crew. CYC staff is not responsible for monitoring compliance but flagrant ignoring of State and County guidelines will be considered ground s for DSQ.
    4. All races are limited to single and doublehanded participation and scoring. Any participant that races with more than 2 crew will NOT be scored.
    5. The club retains the right to alter these guidelines on short notice, including postponing races, as situations warrant.

    The guiding principle of these rules and recommendations is to stage safe and fun races, within the context of the situation we all find ourselves in. Our resources, and as a result the type of races we will be staging, will be different than we are all used to, but they will happen.

    The Board, and your race officials and volunteers, appreciate your ongoing patience, and support in these challenging times. CYC Sailing will go on! See you on the water!

    Matthew Wood

    CYC Race Fleet Captain/PHRF-NW Handicapper

  • 23 Jun 2020 8:43 PM | Anonymous member

    First off, thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

    With the news that King County has formally moved into Phase 2, we will be restarting racing as previously communicated. Following our two-week restart clock, we will resume modified racing on Tuesday, July 7th. As previously announced racing will resume with double handed and single crew only for a limited restart. Here's what we are planning:

    For those without a season's pass, you can still purchase one.





    Tuesday Nights (J-24) [REGISTER]

    Wednesday Nights (San Juan 24, Thunderbirds, Thistle's, etc...) [REGISTER]



    Wednesday Nights (J-105, J-80, PHRF, etc...) [REGISTER]

    Thursday (Dinghies such as Stars, Aero's, Tasers, Lasers, etc...)  [REGISTER]

    These are unprecedented times and we are navigating them in real time and as best as we can. We suspect we will learn a few things along the way and make adjustments as we go so please be on the lookout for updates. Please contact your Race Fleet Captain, Matthew Wood ( directly with any questions, and watch for logistical details over the next 2 weeks.


    Stay strong and healthy,

    CYC Board of Directors  

  • 16 Jun 2020 2:08 PM | Anonymous member

    This past weekend, the CYC board, with significant input from the membership and the community at large, reviewed and revised the club's position on "restarting" our regular racing programs.  We are grateful for the time and thought everyone put into this effort. We all love sailing and are looking forward to resuming the sport that, for many of us, is a vital part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, the realities of society at large limit our ability to resume regular activity, given the guidance we have received from Government and Health Officials. Given these circumstances, the Board of CYC has made the following decisions.


    • Single-handed casual competition events will continue to be supported out of Shilshole on Thursdays. 
    • Upon the announcement of Phase 2, we will initiate as soon as we can Double-handed, and potentially "family" crewed racing on the Lake and Sound. (Details to follow)
    • CYC Racing as we have traditionally known it will not formally resume until Phase III. 

    Also, please note is that if situations change on short notice, the club will respond accordingly. As in our personal and business lives, flexibility and adoption of "new normal" is a vital part of moving forward. Extending that patience, understanding, and the usual CYC sensibility of community to this resumption roadmap is the essential component of our plan.


    Above all, we urge all members of CYC, your families, and the sailing community we are part of, to stay healthy, diligent, and safe.


    Thank you,

    CYC Board of Directors

  • 20 May 2020 12:29 PM | Anonymous member

    Margaret Pommert Honored with
    2020 BoatUS/NWSA Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award

    MARBLEHEAD, Mass., May 20, 2020 – Margaret Pommert of Seattle, Washington, has been named recipient of the 2020 BoatUS/National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) Leadership in Women's Sailing Award. The award annually recognizes an individual with a record of achievement in inspiring, educating, and enriching the lives of women through sailing.

    “Margaret has been called ‘a force of nature’ for her enthusiasm and effectiveness in getting more women on the water,” said NWSA President Debbie Huntsman. “She encourages women to step up to new responsibilities and to expand their capabilities, confidence, and boating horizons.”

    Added Huntsman, “Margaret also has developed impressive, forward-thinking mentoring and online learning opportunities for bringing more women sailors forward as certified instructors and licensed mariners. In doing so, she has truly shown exceptional leadership in women’s sailing and is most deserving of this award.”

    A Pacific Northwest native, Pommert is an American Sailing Association and US Sailing certified instructor and holds a 100-ton U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain’s License. For many years, she taught sailing in California on dinghies, keelboats, catamarans and monohulls, and she now teaches at a variety of locations in the Pacific Northwest as well as online. Pommert also works for the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, teaching new keelboat instructors. One of the nation’s largest sailing schools named her 2019 Instructor of the Year.

    Beyond instruction, Pommert skippered an all-woman J105 sailing team that twice won a fundraising regatta for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. She was on the only all-woman U.S. team at the 2018 J22 International Midwinter Championship Regatta, co-led a flotilla up the Inside Passage to Alaska five times, sailed a Pacific Crossing, and explored many top cruising destinations. She also writes a monthly column for women sailors in Northwest Yachting magazine, created the free boating education website, and serves on The Sailing Foundation’s Executive Committee where she is the organization’s Offshore Safety at Sea training organizer. Pommert has served as a member of the Washington State Boating Programs Advisory Committee, which provides recommendations on ways to enhance boating safety and evaluates grants on boating access infrastructure.

Thank you, Business Members!

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