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    Dear CYC member,

    Like many residents of Ballard and the City of Seattle, the CYC Community and those around Shilshole Bay Marina have noticed a sharp increase in crime giving many a feeling of less security. Discussions have been initiated with the Port of Seattle, Port Police, and Shilshole Bay Marina to learn more about what’s happening and being done to address the increase in transient encampments, property damage, theft, and personal safety issues. CYC is committed to pressing this conversation with the appropriate governing bodies in hopes of restoring the safe environment in and around Shilshole. The Club is taking legal action in every way we can, up to and including applying for a King County Court Order of Protection as the situation warrants. 

    The priority of the Club is to keep our members, employees, guests, and assets safe and secure. As part of this, effective immediately, the doors to the CYC will remain locked 24/7. Appropriate security measures are being reviewed as they pertain to larger gatherings i.e. regatta parties. Please remember, as a member you can get an electronic key fob from the office for secure building access. We encourage you to do this and the office team is happy to help. If you ever lose your fob, please ensure it is reported to the office for deactivation.  

    We appreciate your understanding. A locked door policy is not how we would like things to be but unfortunately it is what is necessary at this time. Should you have further questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.  



    Shelagh Hansen

    Commodore, CYC Seattle

  • 5 Oct 2021 4:04 PM | Anonymous member

    “McKees win fifth Tasar Nationals”

    The Tasar Nationals was first contested in 1979 (won by Dave Perry and Nell Taylor). This year’s championship was incredibly close, decided at the end of the final beat of the last race! With a recent record of 24 boats, and the most competitive fleet in years (including 3 World Champion teams), this event served notice that the Tasars are thriving like never before, with a mix of young teams and veterans. The Tasar tradition of sharing tips, community, and fun racing was on full display. This bodes well for the 2022 Tasar World Championship, which will be sailed on these same waters in one year.

    Saturday was productive, but no races were held for lack of wind. Class President Anthony Boscolo chaired the class meeting, and former World Champion Jay Renehan held a very informative go-fast clinic. The keg was tapped. Boats were fine tuned. Finally a light northerly filled in, and PRO Carl Buchan sent the fleet out onto Puget Sound. Alas, the wind did not cooperate, and after 2 practice starts we returned to shore.

    Sunday dawned cold and windy. 4 races were scheduled in the 15-18 knot southerly. Racing throughout the fleet was intense, especially so at the top. Chris and Molly Lanzinger won the first race with excellent speed and solid tactics, with Jonathan and Libby McKee and Mike and Molly Karas close behind. The McKees then took the next race, with Jay and Lisa Renehan hot on their heels. The Renehans furthered their claim to the title with a come from behind win in the third race, passing Dalton and Lindsey Bergan on the final run. With Karas third and McKee fourth, it was all on for the fourth and final race. Renehan and McKee were tied for the lead, with Karas, Bergan and Lanzinger all still in contention.

    By now the wind had died to 6-8 knots and gotten quite unstable. After 2 general recalls, the deciding race was off. The right side paid early, favoring Jonathan and Libby, who rounded the top mark third, with Mike and Molly hot on their transom, and Renehan lurking dangerously close. With superior reaching speed, Jay and Lisa made their move low on the second reach. But a big right shift before the leeward mark nixed their comeback. But it was still all on for the last shifty beat to the finish. The race was won by juniors Dieter Creitz and Sam Bush, who led at every mark. Dalton and Lindsey sailed a great last leg to finish third. For the McKees, fourth was good enough to seal the title, their fifth Tasar Nationals win. As an interesting aside, the top 5 teams are married couples!

    Thank you to regatta host Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle, sponsors West Coast Sailing, Fisheries Supply, Lagunitas Brewing, West Marine, and Samson Cordage. Thanks also to all the volunteers that made this a great event, both on the water and off. The Tasars are planning an active year as we prepare to host the 2022 Tasar World Championships in Seattle. Come join us!

    Final Top 5:

    Jonathan McKee / Libby Johnson McKee              11 pts.

    Dalton Bergan / Lindsey Bergan                             14 pts.

    Jay Renehan / Lisa Renehan                                   18 pts.

    Chris Lanzinger / Molly Lanzinger                          19 pts.

    Michael Karas / Molly Karas                                   19 pts.

    Full results at

    For more info on Tasars and the 2022 World Championship, go to or

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    The 2021 racing season is coming to an end, and it is time to consider the 2021 CYC outstanding performers. The Board will select the Award winners who will be announced at the Awards Party to be held in January 2022. 

    If you have a suggestion for a 2021 CYC Award, please provide it (with a brief bit of background explaining the basis for the nomination) to Ken Johnson, by email ( or by mail:  

    3706 So. Ridgeway Place
    Seattle, WA  98144

    Or you can drop them off at the CYC Shilshole office.   Ken assembles the nominations and presents them to the Board for its decisions.

    The Awards are:

    • Honor Roll of Champions - CYC sailors who have won national or international championships or have achieved honors of an equivalent level.
    • Hans Otto Giese Inspirational – one who has consistently provided leadership and inspiration to CYC and the amateur sailing community. Recent winners include Wayne Balsiger, Shauna Walgren, Catherine Weatbrook, Suzette Connolly, and Jen Hobden.
    • Sailor of the Year – consistently races and places in the top tier of dinghy or keelboat races, including juniors; this award includes sailors who are outstanding crew and/or who sail on different boats throughout the season.  Recent winners include Dalton Bergan, Keith Whittemore (along with Brian Thomas, Kevin Downey, Shelby Milne and Mark Rodgers),  Talia Toland, and Carl Buchan.
    • Boat of the Year – for an outstanding season in CYC and other NW races.  Recent winners include Here & Now, (Pat Denney), Jubilee (Erik Kristen), Last Tango (Jim Geros) and Tremendous Slouch (Scott Milne).
    • Boating Family – an active family in racing, cruising, CYC activities, other sailing efforts.  Recent winners include David Barnes & Karen Foster, Al &Jane Johnson, Mike & Julie Cains, Erik & Karrie Sandersons, and the Buchans.
    • Greig Memorial Cruising – cruising leadership and accomplishments, whether in local or blue waters.  Recent winners include Paul Benson & Erica Johnson, Chris Young, Scott and Kristen Meilicke, and Jon and Michelle Henderson.
    • Gary Horder Memorial – CYC Junior with active and successful racing program.  Recent winners include Erik Anderson, Dieter Creitz, Abbie Carlson, and Talia Toland.
    • George Spalding Inspirational – most inspirational Junior sailor. Recent winners include Ella Reed, Alyosha Strum-Palerm, Owen Timms, and Jack Holbrook.
    • Dog House – a sailor who handicaps him/her self by unseamanlike activity – usually some bad luck and hopefully with a bit of humor in it.  Recent awardees include Robert Hodge (agrond on Marrowstone as all the CYC crusing boats sailed by), David Gallimore (stepping off YC6 and taking 2 steps, with only 1 step worth of dock), and Mike McGuane (purposely going aground in Fisherman’s Bay followed by denial).

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    ANNAPOLIS, MD (September 26, 2021) — Eight teams representing their respective US Sailing Areas from regions around the country vied for the Lloyd Phoenix Trophy this week in Annapolis, at the 2021 U.S. Offshore Sailing Championship. Skipper Steve Travis, from Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle, and his crew came out on top after two days of racing, scoring 10.5 points overall after three distance races and one buoy race.

    Read more here:  Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle Team Excels to Win U.S. Offshore Sailing Championship - US Sailing

  • 22 Sep 2021 11:15 AM | Anonymous

    Saturday's race saw the fleet parading out to the race course on Shilshole Bay led by Adventuress in sunshine. As often happens in the Pacific Northwest, this soon changed to showers and then to a steady rain followed by a downpour. The wind also provided plenty of challenges for the racers, at times gusting to 25 knots, at other times leaving the boats adrift with sails slack, and the skippers wishing for some wind. A big thank you to the Corinthian Yacht Club Race Committee for providing the excellent course, making sure everyone enjoyed the race and that all the racers got back to the marina to in time to enjoy the post-race Covid-responsible gathering. All were drenched and wet to the bone but smiling.  In particular, from CYC, we want to thank Matt Wood, Bob Combie, Karen Sheide, and Marsha and Grant.

    All the teams - virtual and on-the-water - have until Sunday, September 26th to continue to raise money, to earn points through Wind in Your Sails Challenges and to finish strong.

    So far, Adventuress has raised $84,000 of its $125,000 goal - but we haven't crossed the finish line yet! You can donate here: The Adventuress Cup - A Race for the Salish Sea (

    Lastly, if you were unable to attend, a Youtube livestream can be found here: Adventuress Cup 2021 Livestream - YouTube

  • 22 Sep 2021 9:49 AM | Anonymous

    This year’s CYC Seattle Pink Boat Regatta was a huge success, raising more than $67,000 for breast cancer research. Twenty-two boats participated across 3 classes for a great day of racing and partying with close friends afterwards. The event was held outside, instead of in the clubhouse, to minimize risk of Covid transmission.

    Big thanks to CYC volunteer race committee Matthew Wood, Charlie Rathkopf, Charlie Herberer, Kaitlen Gibson and volunteer bartenders Laurie McRae and Tom Kelley. We look forward to another great event next year!

  • 16 Sep 2021 4:07 PM | Anonymous

    By Kenneth Johnson - 

    The Lake Fall Regatta held on Saturday September 11 capped the 2021 Lake Racing Season.  Light shifty slowly-dying winds challenged the excellent Race Committee (PRO Troy Childs ably assisted by Catherine Picha) and the skippers and crews of the participating J-24s, San Juan 24s and Thistles.

    Racing started at 11 am in a 6-7 knot wind that shifted erratically from south-east to south –  forecasted (unfortunately all too correct) to slowly die to 1-2 knots by early afternoon,  causing the final races to be mercifully shortened.  Somehow the small three boat J-24 fleet got in three races, with Staff Commodore Jakob Lichtenberg on “Hair of the Dog” consistently finishing first.  No such consistency for the other two fleets. In the 7 boat San Juan 24 fleet, CYC Director Mark Bradner on “Return” and Staff Commodore Ken Johnson’s “Grauer Geist” split their two races, each winning fairly easily after a good start by Return in race 1 and Grauer Geist in race 2 and building large leads by the first weather mark.  As the wind began to die in the shortened second race, Return (which was last around the prior mark) and Mike Irish’s “Manhattan Transfer” traded leads in the last 200 yards before the shortened upwind finish, with Return getting the last wisp of wind to finish 2nd by “2 or 3 inches” and thus earn a deserved win for the regatta. 

    The 9 boat Thistle fleet saw the most inconsistency, with Graham Vaughan combing a 1st and 5th on “Zugzwang” to edge out Marc Daudon’s “Fleetfoot2”’s combined 4th and 3rd place finishes to win the regatta.  “Heart of CYC” capital raising chair Wayne Balsiger’s first on “Rainbow” in the second race could not overcome his 7th place finish in race 1, and he finished 3rd for the regatta.

    For the 2021 season, both the Tuesday night J-24 racers and the Wednesday night fleets of SJ 24s, Thunderbirds and Thistles got to race on 17 of the 20 scheduled race nights, with the lack of wind (and one errant power boat that careened into the docked Race Committee boat) winning just three of the nights.  For the J-24s, with up to 23 boats racing, Kevin Downey on “Sine Nomine” bookended the year with wins in the Spring and Fall series, Lucas Lafitte on “Big Tuna” took the Interim series and Scott Milne on “Tremendous Slouch” won the Summer series.

    For the 4 boat fleet Thunderbirds on Wednesday night, Craig Burnell’s “Predator” won each of the four series.  Almost as consistently, Director Mark Bradner’s “Return” took first in the Spring, Interim and Summer series in 8 boat San Juan 24 fleet before being dethroned by Staff Commodore’s Ken Johnson’s “Grauer Geist” in the Fall series.  Johnson commented that Grauer’s success was greatly assisted by him being with family on the East Coast for most of the series with his crew, led by Treasurer Remmert Wolter helming, sailing the boat in his absence.  The 16 boat Thistle Fleet saw Graham Vaughan’s “Zugzwang” finish strongly by taking the Summer and Fall series; JD Reddaway on “Hakana Matata” won the Spring series, with “TTFN,” jointly owned by Neal Freeland and Brooke Stabbert, taking the Interim series.

    All in all, a successful season with participating building during the year as more crews became vaccinated and comfortable in racing.  Thanks to some in the J-24 fleet, we got to see the successful introduction of robo-marks (which had their fits at the beginning but became very helpful by the end of the season).  And much appreciation to Fleet Captain-Racing Matt Wood’s continued support, PRO Troy Child success in finding fair courses in the challenges of Lake sailing at its best, great work by the unheralded whaler drivers and finally but not the least to the Race Committee volunteers.

  • 14 Sep 2021 2:34 PM | Anonymous

    Continuing their participation in the Northwest Youth Racing Circuit, sponsored by the Sailing Foundation, the CYC Juniors had a strong showing at the John Adam’s Memorial (JAM) Regatta over near Bainbridge Island with 6 Optis and 5 FJs show up for the event.


    This year, the organizers separated the fleets into two courses. Alpha Course was off the north end of the island. The Bravo Course was sailed inside the protection of Eagle Harbor just off the maintenance facilities of the Washington State Ferries. The wind gods were not with the Race Coordinators. The forecast was not favorable for getting much racing done all weekend. Forecasts during the week shows “zero” for both courses most of the time.


    The Alpha Course is where the Opti Fleet Champs of our Juniors were to participate. There were 27 boats were registered in the Opti Champ Fleet. We had Nathan BeresonEsmeralda KlinemeierAndrew LinGarrick PeaseSamantha Schreiber, and Ben Yuret on course representing CYC. Sam Airhhart was coaching the team. The Alpha course had an extreme lack of wind and called it a day after only completing two races on Saturday. After the first day of racing, Barret Milne (co SYC/CYC sailor) was leading with two bullets with Andrew Lin close behind with two seconds in very light, shifty conditions. The next day, Alpha course had just a bit more wind and were able to complete 3 more races allowing for one throw-out in the series. Barret had a “bad day” and Andrew kept up his second place consistency with only one 4th place finish (his throw-out). With this great effort, Andrew won the blue age division as well as the Opti Class Overall! Barret came in second overall/blue division. Ben Yuret achieved a 3rd place finish in the white age division. Congratulations Andrew, Barret and Ben!

    (Andrew Nelson with the bullhorn and to the left Andrew Lin / CYC / 1st holding blue trophy blanket and sporting the “JAMmies” and Barret Milne / SYC/CYC / 2nd holding red trophy blanket to Andrew’s left, and next to Barrett is Nat Bereson/CYC, who won second in the white fleet that day. Ben Yuret / CYC far left hold a grey trophy blanket for getting 3rd in his division.)


    Meanwhile, the Bravo Course had the FJ (double-handed) part of CYC’s JV and Varsity Racing Teams. There were 21 boats participating in the FJ fleet. Representing CYC were Jacob Jones and Francesca DoughertyNathaniel Pease and Henry ThomasMax Hanson and Mia McNabbAnna Cezik and Phoebe Howe, and Zev Fort and Penelope FaulhaberGeoff Pease and Kris Thomas were coaching and assisting. Unlike the Alpha Course, Eagle Harbor has its own “wind generator” and had somewhere between zero and 8 knots both days providing challenging, oscillating conditions that all the sailors needed to watch closely and use all their skills to traverse. The fleet had an amazing 7 races on Saturday. After that day’s racing, Jacob/Francesca were in 2nd place with Nathan/Henry trailing them in third by one point after throw-outs. The next day the wind shifted slightly to the north and the race committee was able to get 5 more challenging races in. Lots of excitement as first place finishers changed a lot breaking the dominance that PMYC has their first day. Jacob/Francesca, Max/Mai and, in the last race, Nathan/Henry all had a first place finishes during the series! In the end, the leaders from PMYC – with a picket fence of firsts from the first day – held onto first place with net 17 pts. Jacob/Francesca were 8 points behind with 25 pts. And Nathan/Henry came in third place with 30 pts. Congratulations to Jacob/Francesca and Nathan/Henry!

    (From left to right: Nathan Pease and Henry Thomas / CYC / 3rd, Lauren Heinzelman and Elliott Chalcraft / PMYC / 1st, Francesca Dougherty and Jacob Jones / CYC / 2nd)


    Feedback from the teams was that JAM is an “awesome event.” They loved the music playing during the Regatta – a play list that the competitor’s chose while registering. They loved the awards of blankets. And, they loved “jammies” (instead of a normal tee-shirt) as the swag from the event. They will be back next year!


    Here is a link to the results: Johnny Adams Memorial (JAM) Regatta 2021 (

    (They are a team – this is all CYC FJs “hanging on” after completing one of the races on Saturday. They did this after every race.)

  • 30 Aug 2021 1:25 PM | Anonymous member

    By: Chris McMuldrochh: Al Johnson organized a really fun 14 boat Commodore Gibson weekend race to and from Port Ludlow for us.  This year we had way more boats finishing both races than in recent years!  And we had fabulous sunshine (with fog precursors in the morning each day).  Thank you Tom and Carrie aboard "Island Mist" for being our committee boat again.  Your start time coaching for the pursuit starts over VHS was a huge help to us.  Al moved the start line from Meadow Point to Apple Tree Cove Point on Saturday, as there was no wind and a ton of boats fishing at Meadow Point.  From Kingston we had Ok wind, little wind, and for "Wind Dancer: on the Whidbey Island side lots of wind - up to 14 knots and 7.5 knots over the ground :) until the finish where lots of boats fought the ebb tide with only light air. Saturday in the late afternoon we enjoyed a spaced out social recap of the day under the big tent at the resort.  Sunday's down wind start had a strong start, reaching from Foul Weather Bluff to Point No Point. From there it was all spinnakers flying.  Wind Dancer fell into the Kingston wind hole, while the smart money headed earlier for Point Wells, and had excellent runs down to Meadow Point.  Wind Dancer fought hard to cross the sound in zero wind, but managed to catch the breeze on the East side, and stay ahead of "Vinca" who was hot on our heels all the way to Meadow Point.  Congratulations to Al on "Charlotte" for showing us the way, and winning both days!  

    This year's boats were: Island Mist, Maggie May, Blur, Sea Geek, Outlaw, Wind Dancer, Vinca, Gratitude, Dulcinea, Puffin, Charlotte, Lolo, Those Guys, and Second Sun - who did 23 hours in the previous 2 days from way North of Nanaimo BC to Port Ludlow!

  • 25 Aug 2021 11:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Earlier this August, Erik Anderson, Sebastian Dougherty, Francesca Dougherty, and Catie Vandervort (along with coach Annie Sorensen and Nancy and Dave Vandervort) travelled to Marblehead, Massachusetts to compete in the 100th anniversary of the US Sailing Sears Quadruplehanded Championship against 10 tops teams from around the country. This year the event was hosted by Eastern Yacht Club and sailed in RS21s- a new, light, and fast keelboat. Catie Vandervort, tactician and main trimmer, had the following to say:

    “This event introduced me to so many new aspects of sailing, and I’m so grateful for the experience- both racing, and all the on-and off-water memories shared with my team.

    We were given a clinic day to figure out the boats before racing started as most teams competing had never sailed the RS21 before. Our team had been practicing in J70s on Orcas Island throughout the summer, and we were glad to have practice and some coaching on specific aspects of the RS21. The RS21, for example, had a fixed mainsheet instead of a traveller, the control lines for the spinnaker and backstay were in very different places, and we got to play with a jib downhaul for the first time.

    After the clinic we experienced some of Eastern Yacht Club’s opening ceremony traditions- like a burgee march, a cannon firing, and flag hoisting, and were treated to a presentation from guest speaker Rich Wilson, a two-time Vendee Globe competitor (he also gave us all his book!)

    The next two days of racing were filled with lots of highs and lows, and tons of learning. It was an evenly matched fleet which provided extremely competitive starts and some of the most challenging racing any member of our team had experienced. We ended up in 6th place overall (our top finish was a 2nd) and grew so much in not just our boat fluency and roles in the RS21, but our ability to communicate effectively and keep a positive, stable attitude during the sometimes-frustrating racing. We discovered new ways to support each other in sailing and in life, and my teammates are some of the most amazing people I know.

    It was incredibly fun exploring Massachusetts outside of racing, making friends with other teams, and getting to race at such a beautiful venue. I’m so thankful I was able to be part of this team and I appreciate the support of the CYC and greater PNW sailing community in helping us prepare for this event.”

Thank you, Business Members!

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