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Requesting 2020 CYC Sailing Awards Nominees

23 Oct 2020 8:12 AM | Anonymous member

The 2020 sailing season is coming to an end, and it is time to consider the 2020 CYC outstanding performers. As Covid won almost all of the 2020 races, the Club will have fewer awards this year. But your input as to the awards that the Club will consider is even more important.

The Board will select the Award winners, who will be announced in January 2021.

If you have a suggestion for a 2020  CYC Award, please provide it (with a brief bit of background explaining the basis for the nomination) to Ken Johnson, by email (kenneth.johnson4@comcast.net) or by mail:  3706 So. Ridgeway Place, Seattle, WA  98144   Ken assembles the nominations and presents them to the Board for its decisions.

The 2020 Awards include:

Honor Roll of Champions- CYC sailors who have won national or international championships or have achieved honors of an equivalent level.  We are aware of the Tasar North Americans but if you know of other similar championships or regattas, let us know.

Hans Otto Giese Inspirational – one who has consistently provided leadership and inspiration to CYC and to the amateur sailing community. Recent winners include Dick Rose, Shauna Walgren, Catherine Weatbrook, Suzette Connolly and Jen Hobden.

Boating Family – an active family in racing, cruising, CYC activities, other sailing efforts. Recent winners include Geoff & Alison Pease & family, Al &Jane Johnson, Mike & Julie Cains, Erik & Karrie Sandersons and the Buchans.

Greig Memorial Cruising – cruising leadership and accomplishments, whether in local or blue waters.  Recent winners include Cathy Sherwood & Kent Powley, Chris Young, Scott & Kristen Meilicke and Jon & Michelle Henderson.

Gary Horder Memorial – CYC Junior with active and successful racing program. Let us know about any CYC juniiors participating in other races, if any.  Recent winners include Dieter Creitz, Abbie Carlson, Talia Toland and Owen Timms.

George Spalding Inspirational – most inspirational Junior sailor. Recent winners include Sam Airhart, Alyosha Strum-Palerm, Owen Timms, Jack Holbrook and Blake Bentzen.

Dog House – a sailor who handicaps him/her self by unseamanlike activity – usually some bad luck and hopefully with a bit of humor in it.  Recent awardees include Mike Taft (cooking chili during a race with no stove fiddles), Robert Hodge (agrond on Marrowstone as all the CYC crusing boats sailed by) and David Gallimore (stepping off YC6 and taking 2 steps, with only 1 step worth of dock).

Thank you, Business Members!

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