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PSSC crew guidelines - 5 people maximum

25 Sep 2020 8:26 PM | Anonymous member

Apologies folks in our zeal to get as many of you sailing as possible we overstepped our bounds and exceeded the Governor’s guidelines of limiting gatherings to “5” as we have all season. Thankfully for Matthew & I we had a few Board Members hold us accountable. We are amending our crew limit guidance for PSSC to follow the UK + 2 model (as previously stated) with the change being a total crew limit of 5. Simply put, it's an evolution of our existing guidelines while increasing safety for our members and crew. We are committed to being fully compliant with Washington State Phase Two guidelines and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused skippers and crew. We’ll of course honor any refunds. That all said I look forward to seeing and competing with many of you out on the water during PSSC.

Best – Commodore Barnes


Boats  0-29.9  LOA  4 crew  ( including skipper )

Boats  30-40   LOA  5 crew  ( including skipper )

Boats  40-49   LOA  5 crew  ( including skipper )

Boats  50-59   LOA  5 crew  ( including skipper )

Thank you, Business Members!

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