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2020 Members profile update request for the Helmsman

11 Aug 2020 3:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

When 2020 began, CYC planned on publishing a Helmsman, the yearbook for the Club, early in the year.  Not only has it been since 2017 that CYC last published a Helmsman, this was to honor the Club’s 75th year, and an opportunity to produce a written record of the Club’s amazing history.

Little did we know that indeed 2020 would be a historic year for CYC (and others), just not in any way we could envision!

We hope circumstances will permit the Helmsman to be published, although it is yet to be determined whether in printed form or virtually and available through the Members Only Area of the CYC website. We will make a decision on the format in the best interests of CYC at some time in the future.

While a Helmsman contains much information, perhaps the most significant aspect of the it is the Directory of Members –the one place where we obtain an overview of all the Club’s members and their sailboats - all the information that makes CYC a true member’s sailing club. In order to prepare for a 2020 CYC Helmsman, in whatever format, an accurate Directory of Members is essential.

Since the 2017 Helmsman was published, no doubt there have been changes in some Members’ information, as well as in the information provided by the many new members who have joined CYC since then.  We are also aware that there were inadvertent changes to some data when the Club adopted the current Wild Apricot software.  

The most efficient way to be certain that CYC has the correct information about yourself and your family is to check your information in the Member’s Only Area on the CYC website.  To do this, go to “cycseattle.org” and then Log in to the Member’s Only Area.

 Once you are in the Member’s Only Area, you will see your name in blue type in the top right-hand corner – adjacent to “Change Password” and “Log Out.”

Click on your name – that will take you to “My Profile” – first look under “Bundle Summary” to see if each of your family members is listed.  If not, you can select “Add member” and include the information about each missing family member.  Children born in 2001 and more recently should be included as they are members under our “Family Member” policy. 

Then be certain to go back and select “Edit Profile” and then review the information there about you.  This includes contact information, your profession (if you wish), Club interests and the sailboats, if any, that you own (in whole or in part).  And repeat for each member of your family.

Information commonly missed includes birth year of each individual associated with your membership (CYC does not publish birth years but that information is important so CYC can include each person in the appropriate dues category, which are age-based).   We also have found some incorrect information about when members, including family members, joined CYC, often from the Wild Apricot adoption.   

On a separate note, at the end of this message, I have attached the list of names of members who have died since the publication of the 2017 Helmsman that we are aware of. The list includes former members as well as individuals who were members at the time of their deaths. If you know of anyone whom we have not so listed, please let us know.

Although we are not aware of any abuse of the personal information contained in any edition of the Helmsman published since 1945, if you wish some of your information not to be published, please let us know of that information.


Please contact me if you have any questions at Kenneth.johnson4@comcast.net.


Thank you.  Kenneth Johnson



         In Memoriam


2020:         Carol A. Trusk

Douglas M. Fryer

                    Janet Barker Footh

                    Stanley Vint Butchart Jr.

Sandy Pratt

                    John G. Fenton


2019:        Arnold J. Amenda

                    Frank E. Francisco

                    Kenneth R. “Ken” Tucker, MD, Staff Commodore

                    Charles R. “Chuck” Hurter

                    Joan C. Stewart

                    Wayne Berge

                    Renate “Red” McVittie


2018:        Joanne R. Tucker

                    Richard J. Jablonski

                    Martin A. “Marty” Godsil

                    Doris Ellis

                    Thomas C. “Tom” Nylund, Honorary Life Member

                    Elaine P. Lootens


2017:        William M. “Bill” Black

                    Robert Maclean

                    George Trusk, Staff Commodore and Honorary Life Member

                    Carl Rystrom

                    Captain Thomas A. Temple

Thank you, Business Members!

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Seattle WA 98117
(206) 789-1919 (Main line)

(206) 402-6870 (Juniors)



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