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Virtual Racing Results - April 21 and 22

24 Apr 2020 4:14 PM | Anonymous

By Mark Philiposian

CYC Virtual Racing page

CYC Seattle’s “Virtual Lake Fleet” held a two-day regatta April 21st to 22nd, bringing together some of the best keyboard talent CYC has to offer. Organized by Virtual PRO and Staff Commodore Jakob Lichtenberg, this event brought together some of CYC’s finest virtual sailors. Jakob ably coordinated the event via Skype call, which made the event as much of a social gathering as a competitive event, and very fun!

The sailors worked through some of the, let’s say, peculiarities of the Virtual Regatta (VR) platform, which is visually stunning. VR offers world venues such as Kiel, Portsmouth, Mallorca, and Sydney! Keyboard controls were a bit twitchy, either vastly understeering or oversteering. There were a lot of “S” curved wakes in the water! It wouldn’t be a regatta without a bunch of whining about rules, and VR’s rules engine provided ample opportunity for whining! Once the fleet got used to the rules engine and controls, the focus was on fellowship and fun.

Overall, put simply-everyone had a GREAT time thanks to the gracious and well thought out organization by Jakob. The fleet grew from 7 sailors on Tuesday to 10 on Wednesday!

Results (Top 3):

Day 1/Race 1: 1. notDjinn 2. Crunchy 3. Underdog

Day 1/Race 2: 1. HOTD 2. Underdog 3. Crunchy

Day 1/Race 3: 1. HOTD 2. Capn Bly 3. Rabbidous

Day 2/Race 1: 1. Bill Tailor 2. Rabbidous 3. Underdog

Day 2/Race 2: 1. HOTD 2. Capn Bly 3. Rabbidous

Day 2/Race 3: 1. HOTD 2. Underdog 3. Mata Hari

Day 2/Race 4: 1. Rabbidous 2. HOTD 3. Flying Lili Monster

Day 2/Race 5: 1. Mata Hari 2. Rabbidous 3. HOTD

(Race 5 was a real barn-burner with everyone getting great starts and a tight pack at the top mark!)

Thank you, Business Members!

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