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Shilshole FYI - Paving Projects Near CYC Clubhouse

31 Mar 2020 3:58 PM | Anonymous

The paving project associated with the restroom project is about to get under way. The first section to be repaved is the north parking lot (adjacent to the North Dry Moorage Yard) and that work will start Monday 4/7 and conclude 4/17.  Impacts for this phase are limited and customers with boats in the dry storage yard will continue to have access to their boats and jib cranes for launching. They just will not be able to park in the north lot. North Dry Moorage Customers might opt to park in lot in front CYC, but launching activities are fairly slow right now. 

Starting on April 20th and continuing through May 1st, the parking lot in front of CYC will be receiving an asphalt overlay as part of a marina-wide repaving project.  Specifically, the area being repaved is roughly described as area between Shilshole’s north entrance (by CYC) and its second entrance (from the north) near the M-6 restroom building.

The area being repaved will be cordoned off during the two week work period, so customers accustomed to parking there will need to use SBM’s north parking lot (by the Dry Moorage Yard) or the parking lots south of the M-6 Restroom Building. 

Please contact Shilshole Bay Marina staff for questions or concerns.



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