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Congratulations to Keith Whittemore and Team Furio, 2019 J/24 World Champions!

18 Nov 2019 3:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Corinthian Yacht Club congratulates Keith Whittemore and Team Furio for their win at the 2019 J/24 World Championship in Miami!

Team Furio (photo credit Ron Rosenberg )

Some words from Ron Rosenberg 

I believe Keith Whittemore’s Furio J/24 crew is a team of role models for so many of us in this sport that are learning how to leverage the benefits of our cumulative years of wisdom and experience.  In other words, this team really enjoys learning and improving every day they spend on the water together… and over a period of 40+ years racing J/24s, that’s a lot of cumulative improvement! 

Their experience has taught them how to prepare thoroughly and how to execute efficiently.  They’ve enjoyed great success together over the years both on the water and off.  They have extraordinary time management skills, they have great perspective, they know how to prioritize, and they work very hard and very smart together directly toward their next big goal.  

The respect these sailors have for each other is remarkable.  They understand the value of having fun with those friends you really enjoy sailing with, and competing against.   They are among a handful of similar-minded role models that have worked together to create, build, nurture, maintain and continue to grow their local J/24 fleet here in Seattle on Lake Washington.  They enjoy 25 boats on the starting line of their Tuesday evening races, and they often support and coach the entire fleet with evening BBQ and beer-in-hand post-race debriefs and Q&A by the winners of the night who are sometimes local pros or Olympic Medallists. They host their own website and blogs often posting coaching comments and video for all to learn from.  They welcome new sailors like family, they help them find rides and even buy old J/24s and then encourage the beginners every step of the way.  They have redefined sustainability.

They give, and they give more, and they keep on giving to help support their local J/24 fleet. These are the kinds of things Keith Whittemore’s experienced team does on a regular basis.  They appreciate the benefits of their local training ground (or play ground?) they have created, and they have risen to the top of their game.  Now, they get to bring the J/24 World Championship Trophy back to their home fleet and thank THEM for the wisdom, experience, friendship and support the entire local fleet has provided them with.  Funny how it seems as though everyone wins when you get it right : )

Congratulations once again!

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