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Annual Membership Meeting Summary

27 Nov 2018 4:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear Members,

The Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle (CYC) was founded in January 1945 for the purpose of promoting, advancing and encouraging the sport of Corinthian (amateur) sailing, including racing and cruising, and strengthening the sailing community through the voluntary actions of its members.  CYC’s 73rd Annual Membership Meeting was held on Thursday, November 14, 2018, and I would like to summarize it for you here.

Prior to beginning the meeting, members enjoyed a hearty meal cooked by Chef Galen and beverages served by Karen.  The meeting began by reviewing and approving the minutes from the 2017 Annual Membership Meeting, and reviewing election information and 2019 officer and director nominees.  A motion was passed to close the voting period.

We next reviewed the State of the Club, including membership and financial data.  Numbers of CYC members and membership revenues have remained relatively consistent for the past few years, while operational costs have continued to rise.  CYC’s membership dues have not increased since the club’s restart in 2011 (e.g., $35.00/mo for an adult family member aged 30-69), while costs (as measured by the Consumer Price Index) have increased over 12% during that period.  Moorage, utility, and other costs at Shilshole Bay Marina have increased to a greater extent – and the Port of Seattle has recently announced another 7% moorage rate increase for 2019.  It has become increasingly more difficult each year for our club to operate on the membership dues structure that was established in 2011.  CYC has consistently lost money when serving food except in cases where a significant number of members have enjoyed the meal and contributed enough revenues to offset the food and labor costs, and changes were made in 2018 to address this.  The club’s bank balance has declined the past few years, including a net loss of $35,084 last year, but we are forecasted to finish 2018 net positive only through extraordinary efforts of the board, food/beverage cutbacks, and unusually strong junior sailing program revenues this year due to volunteer efforts led by director, Shauna Walgren.  For the reasons discussed above, the board has approved a 10% increase in membership dues for 2019 (e.g., $38.50/mo for an adult family member aged 30-69).  The combination of this relatively small increase in revenue and good recent club investments, including CYC’s new Wild Apricot operational/membership management system, will provide a solid foundation for the future of our club.

Following this operational summary, Fleet Captain Race, Matthew Wood, presented a summary of a strong 2018 CYC racing program, which included continued growth of the RC Aero, J/80, and J/105 fleets.  CYC partnered with business member Sail Northwest (Bob Ross) to host a successful revival of J/Fest after a 7 year hiatus.  CYC also hosted the USODA 2018 NW Opti Championships, which was the best ever attended regional event of this type.  Weeknight racing on the lake continues to have a consistently good turnout, but weeknight racing on the sound appears to have declined in recent years – particularly for dinghies on Thursdays.  This will be evaluated further in 2019 to ensure that CYC racers continue to enjoy excellent racing opportunities that meet their needs.

Fleet Captain Cruise, Mike McGuane, presented a 2018 CYC cruising summary which included a discussion of the perennial member favorite February speaker series and second Thursday cruising socials, and a summary of member cruise events that were held at an average rate of one or two cruises each month in 2018.  Another good year of CYC cruising.

CYC’s director leading junior sailing, Shauna Walgren, presented the successes of CYC’s junior sailing program in 2018, which included well attended sail camps that were taught by CYC sailing instructors along with CYC junior sailing assistants.  These camps had both the highest number of students and the highest number of assistants (e.g., former students) of the current era of CYC junior sailing – with sailing in both Opti and Vanguard 15s (V15s).  A private donor funded 15 scholarships that allowed some children to participate that otherwise may not have.  The Wednesday night Guppy program for 4-7 yo kids and the Friday night open sailing program for kids of all ages both continued to be successful at getting more kids out on the water.  CYC again hosted a Milfoil Dodger that allowed young racers to experience the thrill of racing around buoys – many for the first time.  The high school racing program really made great strides in 2018.  The high school racing team grew to include 15 members that won the 2018 NWISA North Regionals (as Ballard High School).  A CYC junior sailing fundraiser held in February 2018 raised $9,000 that was used to purchase a trailer with four Flying Juniors (FJs) that were used to compete against other high school teams in the region.

CYC’s director leading membership/social/educational events, Liz Rose, presented 2018 social/educational information including a summary of how members can make events happen with the support of CYC’s social/educational committee, chef, bar, and office staff.  Liz also reviewed the large number and variety of events that were held in CYC’s clubhouse in 2018, as well as upcoming events including the CYC Annual Awards Party and Seattle Boat Show in January.

After summarizing CYC program successes in 2018, Staff Commodore, Wayne Balsiger, then introduced the 2019 Heart of CYC Capital Campaign.  Membership dues cover operational costs, but not costs for capital projects such as the much needed haul-out of the clubhouse, upgrades to the clubhouse interior/exterior, or CYC race equipment upgrades.  As Wayne summarized in last week’s Telltale, CYC members have donated over $80,000 thus far – about half of the estimated $160,000 necessary for the clubhouse haul-out.  Please donate as you are able to help CYC achieve this important goal.  Our club and clubhouse are core regional sailing community assets, and achieving this goal will help us ensure that we can keep strengthening the sailing community for many years to come.

The meeting was adjourned after Staff Commodore and Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, Denny Vaughan, provided election results that identified the following outstanding 2019 board members:


Jakob Lichtenberg, Commodore
David Barnes, Vice Commodore
Shelagh Hansen, Rear Commodore
Paul Kalina, Jr Staff Commodore
Matthew Wood, Fleet Captain Race
Chris McMuldroch, Fleet Captain Cruise
Karen Mooney, Treasurer
Melanie Edwards, Secretary


Carl Sheath (Term 2019-2020)
Liz Rose (Term 2019-2020)
Rich Bustamante (Term 2019-2020)
Jon Anderson (Term 2019, one-year)
Eric Sanderson (Term 2018-2019)
Shauna Walgren (Term 2018-2019)

CYC is truly an amazing club with a remarkable 73-year history of strengthening the sailing community, and it has been an honor and privilege to serve as CYC’s Commodore in its 73rd year.  A hearty welcome to the 2019 board, and I am excited for what should be a terrific year for CYC in 2019!

Paul Kalina
Commodore 2018
Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle

Thank you, Business Members!

Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle
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