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Tips And Tricks: Getting Through Winter Aboard Your Boat During The Great Pacific Northwest Wet

12 Nov 2017 9:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Cruiser’s Group was full of ideas last Thursday to help us survive the wet, cold winter ahead. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Dehumidifiers: Many types were discussed, including electrical refrigerant dehumidifiers and rotary desiccant dehumidifiers (such as Eva-Dry) that have a water container to empty or can be plumbed into a sink or bilge, Golden Rods and other small electrical units for small spaces, and desiccant units (both disposable and reusable).
  • Fans: Fans were discussed as a method to dehumidify by constantly ventilating the boat (12 volt computer fans in every area of the boat that exhaust into the main saloon). It also helps to keep the bow warmer than the stern.
  • Heaters: Many types were discussed including diesel, oil, propane and electric as well as sailing your boat to the tropics as a heating option! Then there was the prize-winning idea of under-the-rug floor heaters that plug in to keep your toes cozy on a long winter evening (cozywinters.com)
  • Mold: Ideas to rid areas of mold included the popular Kanberra Gel (tea tree oil based gel, wipes and spray that keeps mold from developing) and the classic and cheap thorough wipe down with vinegar. Hypervent pads under the mattress and cushions were also identified as an effective way to keep the mold at bay.

Other Ideas

There were a variety of other practical and creative ideas such as:

  • Full hull insulation
  • Sealing your leaking windows with HVAC silver foil type tape with the paper backing (not Duck Tape)
  • Electric blankets
  • Heating a pan and sliding it around under the covers before bed
  • Fixing leaks in the summer
  • Polypro long underwear
  • Down sleeping bags
  • Full cockpit enclosures
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Extra towels
  • Having an app on your phone to turn on your heater before you get home
  • Finding a really warm person or a big lab to share your bunk
  • Volunteering to be on the race committee and eating pizza
  • Getting out sailing on your boat or on other people’s boats

If all else fails, you could pull the mast out and put your boat in a boathouse or just hang posters of sunny beaches outside your portholes!!!

Thank you, Business Members!

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