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CYC Juniors @ JAM ’21 Regatta

14 Sep 2021 2:34 PM | Anonymous

Continuing their participation in the Northwest Youth Racing Circuit, sponsored by the Sailing Foundation, the CYC Juniors had a strong showing at the John Adam’s Memorial (JAM) Regatta over near Bainbridge Island with 6 Optis and 5 FJs show up for the event.


This year, the organizers separated the fleets into two courses. Alpha Course was off the north end of the island. The Bravo Course was sailed inside the protection of Eagle Harbor just off the maintenance facilities of the Washington State Ferries. The wind gods were not with the Race Coordinators. The forecast was not favorable for getting much racing done all weekend. Forecasts during the week shows “zero” for both courses most of the time.


The Alpha Course is where the Opti Fleet Champs of our Juniors were to participate. There were 27 boats were registered in the Opti Champ Fleet. We had Nathan BeresonEsmeralda KlinemeierAndrew LinGarrick PeaseSamantha Schreiber, and Ben Yuret on course representing CYC. Sam Airhhart was coaching the team. The Alpha course had an extreme lack of wind and called it a day after only completing two races on Saturday. After the first day of racing, Barret Milne (co SYC/CYC sailor) was leading with two bullets with Andrew Lin close behind with two seconds in very light, shifty conditions. The next day, Alpha course had just a bit more wind and were able to complete 3 more races allowing for one throw-out in the series. Barret had a “bad day” and Andrew kept up his second place consistency with only one 4th place finish (his throw-out). With this great effort, Andrew won the blue age division as well as the Opti Class Overall! Barret came in second overall/blue division. Ben Yuret achieved a 3rd place finish in the white age division. Congratulations Andrew, Barret and Ben!

(Andrew Nelson with the bullhorn and to the left Andrew Lin / CYC / 1st holding blue trophy blanket and sporting the “JAMmies” and Barret Milne / SYC/CYC / 2nd holding red trophy blanket to Andrew’s left, and next to Barrett is Nat Bereson/CYC, who won second in the white fleet that day. Ben Yuret / CYC far left hold a grey trophy blanket for getting 3rd in his division.)


Meanwhile, the Bravo Course had the FJ (double-handed) part of CYC’s JV and Varsity Racing Teams. There were 21 boats participating in the FJ fleet. Representing CYC were Jacob Jones and Francesca DoughertyNathaniel Pease and Henry ThomasMax Hanson and Mia McNabbAnna Cezik and Phoebe Howe, and Zev Fort and Penelope FaulhaberGeoff Pease and Kris Thomas were coaching and assisting. Unlike the Alpha Course, Eagle Harbor has its own “wind generator” and had somewhere between zero and 8 knots both days providing challenging, oscillating conditions that all the sailors needed to watch closely and use all their skills to traverse. The fleet had an amazing 7 races on Saturday. After that day’s racing, Jacob/Francesca were in 2nd place with Nathan/Henry trailing them in third by one point after throw-outs. The next day the wind shifted slightly to the north and the race committee was able to get 5 more challenging races in. Lots of excitement as first place finishers changed a lot breaking the dominance that PMYC has their first day. Jacob/Francesca, Max/Mai and, in the last race, Nathan/Henry all had a first place finishes during the series! In the end, the leaders from PMYC – with a picket fence of firsts from the first day – held onto first place with net 17 pts. Jacob/Francesca were 8 points behind with 25 pts. And Nathan/Henry came in third place with 30 pts. Congratulations to Jacob/Francesca and Nathan/Henry!

(From left to right: Nathan Pease and Henry Thomas / CYC / 3rd, Lauren Heinzelman and Elliott Chalcraft / PMYC / 1st, Francesca Dougherty and Jacob Jones / CYC / 2nd)


Feedback from the teams was that JAM is an “awesome event.” They loved the music playing during the Regatta – a play list that the competitor’s chose while registering. They loved the awards of blankets. And, they loved “jammies” (instead of a normal tee-shirt) as the swag from the event. They will be back next year!


Here is a link to the results: Johnny Adams Memorial (JAM) Regatta 2021 (theclubspot.com).

(They are a team – this is all CYC FJs “hanging on” after completing one of the races on Saturday. They did this after every race.)

Thank you, Business Members!

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