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CYC represents at the BYC Youth Regatta

18 Aug 2021 8:52 AM | Anonymous

A few of the CYC Junior Varsity Sailing Team travelled to the Bellingham Yacht Club (BYC) Youth Regatta the weekend of Aug 7th & 8th. Garrick “Gary” Pease (Opti), Ben Yuret (Opti), Andrew Lin (Opti) and Nathan Pease and Henry Thomas (FJ) made the journey along with Geoff Pease PRO’ing his first non-CYC event with LOTS of help. Thanks to the help of many volunteers - some grabbed at the last second - the event when off without any problems. Thanks to additional CYC volunteers Wanda Creitz, Kris Thomas, and Adam Yuret for pitching in!

The first day had a great breeze (up to 12 knots) from the South which is the typical wind direction for the shallow (~30ft) Bellingham Bay. With the tide going out, the surf was a little rough in the morning. By the end of the day, wind conditions were ideal. There were 5 fleets – Opti, FJ, Laser 4.7, Laser Radials and C420 fleets. Each fleet was able to get 5 races in except the Opti’s – there were pretty tired by the end of their last race and when in early to avoid the dock rush. Being a “big brother” Nathan Pease missed two of the 5 races that morning. He helped his brother after he submerged his Opti for the first race of the day. At the end of the day, his FJ was still in 3rd place after having TWO bullets and a second in the three races they did complete. Andrew was having mixed results in the Opti fleet with Ben and Gary having a “bad day” (in Gary’s own words).

The next day had a lower breeze so the chop was less than the previous morning staying in the upper single digits – great for dingy sailing! Nathan and Henry continued their low scores with their worst being 4th. In the seventh race of the regatta, Henry was seen lay across the bow of the FJ. The race committee was like “I guess that is one way to get the weight forward.” It turns out that the jib’s tack had come undone and Henry was holding it down. They lost first place and finished second. One of the coach boats helped them fix it before the next race. Gary had a better day and sailed in all the race while Andrew held his own.

The results were that Nathan and Henry's performance resulted in a 2nd (of 10) place finish even after missing two of the races (one throw-out). Andrew placed 3rd (of 7) in the Opti “Blue” Fleet. Great job for the JV Sailing Team!

Written by Geoff Pease

Thank you, Business Members!

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