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A Summary of the Haulout, by Stuart Burnell

4 May 2021 3:59 PM | Anonymous member

In December of 2019, after five years of discussion on when the next haul out would take place, CYC’s Haulout team began discussion with vendors to fill distinct scopes of work for the fall of 2020.

Renovation of the Hull, the number one priority, had an initial budget in 2019 of $160,000 which included $10,000 in contingency. The budgets for window and siding replacement at $60,000. In addition, race equipment needs and “Additional Clubhouse” Stuff dock’s, finishes and electrical upgrades brought the 2019 budget to $334,500 with long term vision of an additional $225,000.

The clubhouse haulout schedule was developed in early 2020, with a departure the last week of August and return the first week of December 2020. The actual schedule was a departure of 1 September 2020 and return 3 February 2021.

Lake Union Dry Dock (LUDD) was the most competitive bid and was awarded the contract. They took care of all of the work related to the barge, including activities such as Steel renewal and painting of the hull.

Dyna Contracting was the most competitive bid for installing the new siding and replacement windows as well as management of a number of selected vendors which required extensive coordination.

Prior to the entering contracts with LUDD or Dyna and relocating the clubhouse to Lake Onion, inspection of the barge was undertaken to provide better quotes for the steel renewal and to uncover any major unforeseen condition. Two issue surfaced right away 1) the men’s shower had a leak that was damaging the barge’s top deck under the shower and 2) the wood supports for the lower entry door had extensive dry rot and would need to be replaced. The shower floor had to be removed to access and repair the Barge top side. Change orders were issued to both Dyna and LUDD to complete the work. Several inspection ports were installed to allow future access to the barge top and allow ventilation of the space.

While the clubhouse was in the dry dock. Dyna requested that 5/8” studs be installed on the north side of the barge to allow a construction platform’s to be installed to facilitate window and siding installation at the Dyna dock’s. After reviewing the long term potential of this walkway, additional 5/8” studs were installed to support the new isolation transformer, and to provide a permanent walkway around the clubhouse to replace the concrete floats.

The hull steel was repaired and alarms installed in all of the barges six compartments, an impressed current protective system has been up graded, and an isolation transformer system has been installed. All the window and exterior doors have been replaced with thermal double pane windows. The exterior skin of the clubhouse has been completely replaced with new state of the art weather barrier and a combination of Hardi panels or metal siding. Three sky light have been replaced with hard roofs with windows to match the other new windows. A new entry sign has been installed on the east side of the clubhouse.  

Following the completion of the exterior, the team of CYC Volunteer’s began the renovation of the interior of the clubhouse. Beginning on the upper level, the carpet and flooring were removed, electrical upgrades were undertaken, and a sound attenuation ceiling was installed in the bar and meeting area. The Bar window were replaced with new windows and the bar was upgraded with a tile back splash. The remaining walls and ceiling were painted prior to the installation of new carpet and wood base.

Downstairs the men’s and women’s rooms were painted and ungraded. The wood flooring was refinished and the exit door, stairs to the dock and deck railing were reconfigured and ungraded. The downstairs meeting room has been repainted. 

Thank you, Business Members!

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