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  • 26 Jun 2021
  • 27 Jun 2021
  • Bremonton, WA



UPDATE as of 6/1: The 12 slips at the marina reserved for the cruise are spoken for / assigned to currently registered boats.  It may be possible for individual boats to reserve an individual slip at the Port Orchard Marina if one is still available

June 26-27- Port Orchard Cruise

The plan for the weekend: rendezvous at Port Orchard Marina. Enjoy the Port Orchard - still waiting to hear about parade and street fair. There will not be a Bremerton fireworks display on the bridge this year. There are some interesting things to do in Bremerton - see notes below.

As noted by Chris McMuldroch,

"Jennifer and I are leading a weekend cruise to Port Orchard Marina the last weekend of June.  They visited in 2019, and enjoyed the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon there is an outdoor market in Port Orchard by the marina, and then a parade in downtown with school bands, car clubs, businesses, and organizations.  After dinner we took the little passenger ferry across to Bremerton where there were more fair booths set up.  Then we walked along towards the Manette Bridge until we found a place in a tiny park to watch the fireworks.  After dark they shoot off fireworks from the bridge and at one point the whole bridge has fireworks falling down like a waterfall into the water!  A unique show.  Following the show, we walked back to the Bremerton marina / ferry terminal to catch the foot ferry back to Bremerton.

The Bremerton side has a couple of interesting attractions as well.  The destroyer Turner Joy is moored at the marina.  A tour of the ship is quite fascinating.  As I recall it last served in the Vietnam war.  Above the marina there is narrow park with water features including some that look like the conning tower of submarines rising out of the water!

If some of the normal festive events get cancelled due to the pandemic, we could see if we have time to take a little side trip up Dyes Inlet to explore.  Two CYC cruisers have reported on their visits to the inlet in 2020, but I have never been in before. This year might be another year for shorter distances, more sailing, and local exploring!

The reason to go to Port Orchard rather than Bremerton is because the downtown of Port Orchard seems more vibrant and interesting, and the marina is easier to dock at compared to Bremerton.  The Bremerton Marina is much newer, but there is a considerable current that sweeps through the marina at times, making docking a bit sporty."

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