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Cruising | Eagle Harbor Fiesta Cruise

  • 9 Oct 2021
  • 10 Oct 2021
  • Eagle Harbor - Bainbridge Island Public Dock



Oct 9-10 Cruise to Eagle Harbor (public dock) for our Fiesta Cruise.

The Plan: We have some dock space reserved at the Bainbridge Island Waterfront Park Public Dock at Eagle Harbor ( Vessel Traffic and Anchoring Map) starting at 11 am Saturday - Sunday 1pm. Each boat will be responsible for paying their own moorage (.50/ft) and sharing a portion of the reservation fee which is $50 this year. Rafting at the dock is allowed by the City of Bainbridge. Plan to raft with fellow CYC members.

We plan to dine out at a local restaurant if the Covid conditions allow this activity. Look forward to seeing you for a truly memorable fall cruise. More info will follow on this.

Organizer: Jack Connick and Denise Kitchel
EMail Jack here

Thank you, Business Members!

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