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Racing | Turkey Bowl

  • 14 Nov 2020
  • 15 Nov 2020
  • Shilshole



Classes: F18, I-14, 505, Star, Thistle, Tasar, Vanguard 15, RS Aero, Laser, Snipe, Optimist and other centerboard and small keelboat classes with at least five boats may apply.

Location: Puget Sound off Shilshole.

Registration Fee:

  • Cost is $60 for adults, and $50 for juniors
  • Cost is included for Season's Pass Holders

Your registration for individual races or series does not populate automatically. Registrations will be posted by race staff as individual regattas are published.

ALSO, email the office at office@cycseattle.org if you would like to buy and pickup a CYC burgee "buff" facemask for $10, which will be delivered to you on Saturday morning.

Race Documents: 

Notice of Race (pdf)

Sailing Instructions (24 hours before event)

Class Flags (24 hours before event)

Registrant List | Results (when available)

Thank you, Business Members!

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