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Cruising | Eagle Harbor "Dessert First and Wine Tasting" Cruise

  • 7 Nov 2020
  • 8 Nov 2020
  • Eagle Harbor - Bainbridge Island Public Dock



No Poulsbo. No Chili. But new plan.

Nov 7-8 Cruise to Eagle Harbor (public dock) for our first ever "dessert first and wine tasting cruise".  Please register!

Come help celebrate the November birthdays  . We will eat dessert first (because we can) and rank your favorite boxwine.

The Plan: We have dock space reserved at the Bainbridge Island Waterfront Park Public Dock at Eagle Harbor ( Vessel Traffic and Anchoring Map) starting at 11 am Saturday - Sunday 1pm. Each boat will be responsible for paying their own moorage (.50/ft) and sharing a portion of the reservation fee which was $100. Rafting at the dock is allowed by the City of Bainbridge - we will only be rafting with club members, only if you are comfortable with that.

Do you have a favorite dessert you would like to bring?  Please let me know.

We thought it would be fun to bring your favorite boxwine for a wine tasting because cruisers need to know this. (please let me know which one you plan to bring so that we don't have too many of the same brand).

Masks and social distancing are required on the dock.  Look forward to seeing you for a truly memorable fall cruise.

Organizer: Peggy and Ron Watt  206-280-8277

Thank you, Business Members!

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