Camp offerings for children ages 8-12

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Classes for ages 8-12 by week

Cells blacked out do not have class that week. Total number of slots in the class is the number inside the cell. Please do NOT register your child for an advanced class if they do not have prior experience. 

Beginner Opti

Either the full day or half day Beginner Opti classes are perfect for children ages 8-12 who have little to no sailing experience. Sailors who want to control their own boat fit in right here. By the end of the half day week, students will be able to sail and rig their own boat, tie some awesome knots, and know basic sailing terminology. Great for returning and new sailors. This class focuses on:

  • Using games to learn and have a lot of FUN!
  • Setting up and taking apart a boat
  • Teamwork and building friendships
  • Being comfortable in, around, and on the water
  • How to tack, gybe, steer, and trim 

Advanced Offerings - $325

Advanced Opti 

Any student, ages 8-12 and under 100 pounds, who has been recommended by their instructor, or approved by the director, may participate in an advanced opti class, with the potential to join the intro to racing class! Sail trim, advanced maneuvers, and racing games will solidify your child’s love and understanding of sailing. This camp focuses on:

  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Advanced maneuvers and boat handling
  • Introductory racing
  • Right of way and rules of the road

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