Vanguard 15 Sailing Program

Check out a Vanguard! These are two person racing boats so you will need to be an experienced sailor or go with someone who is experienced. There is a skills test that needs to be passed before you take the boat out.

  • Use a V15 to participate in dinghy racing Thursday evenings April through September. Starts at 5:30 pm.
  • Put together a Learn-to-Sail Clinic. Cost would be $40/member/session and should be 4 hours.
  • One on One Instruction is also available for $75.
  • Email for more information.

Upcoming V15 events

  • No upcoming events

1. Skills Testing

Vanguard 15 Skills Test for use of and V-15. The cost of this is $75. The fee can be applied to the annual fee.

Pay for Skills Test

2. Pay Fee

Once you complete your skills test, you will need to pay an annual fee of $75.

Pay Annual Checkout Fee

3. Check out a V15

After you have passed your skills test and paid your V15 card fee, the boats are available for daytime use. 


We have a number of members willing to mentor sailors interested in learning how to sail dinghies using the V-15 as a starter boat. Lessons include a checkout at the end of the session.

Vanguard 15 Private Lesson

Usage Policies

During Winter season (November - May):

  1. A safety boat must be present for V15 sailing
  2.  Sailors must have a wetsuit and proper gear for winter sailing
  3. Sailors must be able to recover from a capsize
  4. V15s should not go out over 15 knots of wind unless racing

During Summer season (June - October):

  1. Open Sailing on Friday night
  2. Dinghy racing on Thursday night
  3. Have proper gear for summer sailing
  4. V15s should not go out over 15 knots of wind unless racing

Checkout Procedure

  1. Rig the boat correctly
  2. Leave dock and harbor safely
  3. Sail upwind for 5 minutes and perform 2 tacks
  4. Sail downwind for 5 minutes and perform 2 jibes
  5. Stop boat in irons at a fixed object (RIB or buoy)
  6. Perform a capsize and recovery (dry capsize not ok)
  7. Sail boat back to dock and land safely
  8. Put boat away properly. Tie down and wash boat

Thank you, Business Members!

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