CYC History Quiz # 7

14 Feb 2023 9:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

For a free drink at the CYC bar (courtesy of Ken Johnson):


  • What does the attached proposal drawing represent?
  • Why was it proposed?
  • About what year was this proposed, and was the proposal ever realized?

Send responses to Ken. Most correct answers win.


We received interesting replies to the question of what this proposed drawing represented, including an early study for Shilshole and a proposed sailing center at Magnussen Park. While interesting, not correct. Here is the story.

In 1952, the International 110s moved from Lake Washington to Duwamish Head to test the Sound’s winds and a possible Duwamish Head sailing center. A year later the drawing is of a moorage basin and yacht club proposed for the site of Haury’s Boat House (1941-1961) on Duwamish Head (the present location of Seacrest Park, where the West Seattle Water Taxi docks and the Marination Restaurant is located). In 953 two CYC members, both later Commodores, Richard Marshall (1957) and Stephen Chadwick, Jr. (1965), did an elaborate study computing hourly and overall afternoon and evening wind speed averages for each day and month together with prevailing wind directions from March through October for both the Lake and Duwamish Head. They concluded, as reported in the 1953 Helmsman: “In our experience, the Sound wind is steadier in velocity and direction, and more uniform [compared to the Lake.]” They also concluded that on seven of eight days there was a good northerly windward course from Duwamish Head to various points on Magnolia (Smith Cove, where Elliot Bay Marina is located, 4 Mile Rock or West Point) – on the 8 th day, it would be calm or a southerly with a downwind start. In their report there was no mention of any issues crossing the Elliot Bay ferry lines or commercial boat traffic.

Seattle Yacht Club was located on Duwamish Head close to the proposed location until World War I.

The 1954 Helmsman reported results for the 110s back on the Lake. While the Duwamish Head proposal was not realized, the proposal and study were foundations for more interest of sailing on the Sound and the subsequent move of some fleets from the Lake to Shilshole in the 1960s and the building of the CYC Shilshole Clubhouse in 1969.

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